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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Friday, October 5, 2012

One Lovely Blog

I am so honored! I have actually been saying the word 'Lovely' quite a bit lately, so when I was awarded this 'One Lovely Blog Award' I was thrilled. It was, well, lovely!

Thanks to Sunfire, and her quite lovely blog The Dragon's Breath, I have been told I have one lovely blog myself.

The rules of the blog include thanking the person who passed it to you, sharing their link and the award image, listing 7 things about yourself, then nominating up to 15 other bloggers who deserve the award.

The 7 things about me, that isn't so tough.

For starters,
-first, I am a proud mother of three wonderful children.
-Second, I am happily married to my best friend, and
-third, we are about to celebrate our (gasp) 19th anniversary.
-Fourth, I just opened my own shop, called Blue Rage of Asheville, where I am happy to share my passions and interested with anyone who comes in.
-Fifth thing about me is I am happy to feature locally produced and handmade creations right alongside vintage treasures.
-Sixth - I have recently started running - well run slash walking. I was never a runner, so I surprised myself and am now well on the road to getting in shape.

Now for the most difficult task of pick 15 other bloggers - that it nuts. I barely have time to read my own musing yet alone 15 other bloggers. Add to that several who I would have picked have already WON this award! What's a girl to do?
-Well, I cannot lie (that is tidbit number 7 about me)
so I will not nominate someone who I do not thing is worthy, so even though some of these fine bloggers may have this award already, I find their blogs totally lovely.

1. Every Day Inspired
2. Eight Six Eleven
3. Bonita Rose, Life. Love. Color. Art a life unrehearsed
4. All Things Tangled
5. A Writer Weaves A Tale
6. Krafty Max Originals
7. BreitWerk Buzz
8. Gerushia's New World
9. Rhonda Lee Carver Blog
(warning, this one is a little risque! but it's good to be a little naughty sometimes.)
10. Lady Jane's Pillow Book
11. Handmade Fuzzy
12. The Stuff of Success
13. Bluejules Sews
14. Miss Steps and Milestones
15. The Garden of Eating

Phew! That was tough. I realized that I haven't had the time much lately to read these lovely blogs, and with NaBloWriMo full on now, I certainly have my hands full. With writing AND reading.

But that is what blogging is all about. Challenging me to write, read, and appreciate each step of the way.
So please check out these fine writers, show them some love, and I bet you will find a few that you just have to start following.......



  1. Yay! Glad you decided to play along - and yes, it is totally cool to nominate someone that already got it. Who knows, if they get the award from more than one blogger, it might mean a little bit more to them...

  2. thank you Sweetie! You are indeed a sweet person!

  3. thank you Rebecca!!! I had the honor to receive this award already and it makes me blush that you would pass this one on to me.
    Take time for yourself a little, so you don't drown while taking care of everyone else!!! Miss you being around.


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