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Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Find ~ Finding Memories and Savoring the Sweetness

Thanks to M.L. Gardner,
my chocolates
source: Raige Creations
Yes, I will be talking about chocolate, again.

I so enjoyed the Godiva chocolates I won, not just because they were SO delish, but because it made me stop, relax, and enjoy the company I was with.

It also brought back memories of when I was young. My father used to buy Whitman's Samplers every holiday, no doubt bought from the pharmacy on the corner. 

It was his special treat for the family, probably one he continued from his childhood. His young years were during the Great Depression (the era of Author M.L. Gardner's 1929 series which are my latest favorite books), and I am sure chocolates were a fine treat indeed. His family was from Philadelphia, where the chocolates originated so no doubt this tradition came from his father, my grandfather. A true family tradition.

Not the fanciest, and certainly not expensive, the Whitman Sampler chocolates were all his family could get, and certainly not often. So it continued, on throughout my time in my parents house, Whitman's Samplers were there only at Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving. 

Sometimes we loved randomly picking the chocolates (never paying much attention to the 'guide', at least until we got the dreaded chalky one, or for me the chocolate covered cherries {yuck}), and really loved bragging when we got the caramel one!

Side Memory: During the summer our treats were marshmallows burnt on the charcoal grill, because burnt marshmallows "made your teeth white", according to my father.
Another Side Memory: My grandfather convinced me I should have hair on my chest from his proclamations every single morning we had breakfast at his house - that honey and toast put hair on your chest! but that is another story....

Funny how once memories first creep into your head, they then flow like a floodgate. They go far, far back...I was 5 when my grandfather passed away.
Assorted YUMM!
source: Raige Creations
Anyway, this box of assorted chocolates reminded me of our treat of Whitman's Samplers, and I just had to share with my kids. (Of course if I didn't they would have never forgiven me.....)
Tea and Truffles
source: Raige Creations
So we put the kettle on, and opened the box to see these beautiful, round, and colorful chocolates! Which ones were what flavors? 
Picking is half the fun!
source: Raige Creations
The kids tossed the 'guide', because knowing what you picked ruined the fun apparently. So we just picked, took a bite, and were pleasantly surprised with the flavor, color, and tastes.

It was an event, really. We sat together in my little office area, at my hand-me-down desk, and enjoyed the tea, showing each other what was on the inside of our chocolate balls, had a few hearty laughes, and shared a wonderful little bit of time.
Inside the Yumm.
source: Raige Creations
Since they are all teens now, this quiet, quality time together with them (no TV, no video games, no phones) is quite rare. In a few short months, my middle child will be off at college, my oldest back to his off campus apartment, and there will be just three of us left in the house on a regular basis. 

I will miss these spontaneous quiet times with my kids together, enjoying the sweetness of chocolate, and the sweetness of just being together. Thus, we enjoyed the chocolates, just one each at a sitting, until they were gone. 

They are gone, and now we are busy preparing for the all the big changes each of us face in just a few short months. 

I hope there will be time again where we all can savor the sweetness, unwind and relax together, share sweetness and love, like we did over this box of chocolates. I hope they too will have fond memories of sharing the spontaneous, little treats like I remember sharing with my Dad and brother and sisters.

Even if I have to force it with more chocolate, it will be completely worth it.

Do you have a small, little things, family tradition or ritual you treasure? 


  1. I just wrote about one that I've dredged up! Reading Uncle Wiggly stories to Munchkin. Mmm... chocolates. I've had a serious chocolate craving the last few days and you are. not. helping.

    1. I read that, and thought that was great! I particularly liked how you viewed the book today, compared to back when you were little. Funny you didn't notice until you had boys of your own. ;)

      Oh have some chocolate. I certainly have had enough lately...your turn!

  2. Replies
    1. brings back good memories, right Sandra?

  3. My family has a funny inside joke with chocolates, actually! It's hard to explain, but it makes us all laugh when we talk about it. I like how you had side memories inside memories :)

    1. Once I got on that memory path, it was hard to stop the side memories....I liked how they flowed!
      It is awesome you can laugh with your family over chocolate!
      double yummm.


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