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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Featured Artisan ~ The Sticky Wrapper!

Today we have some yummy goodness to feature! Meet Sara, I am dubbing her the Caramel Queen. Her shop is full of caramels, each sounding better than the one before!

I am a caramel fan, so this shop has me drooling. 
Flavor of the Month Subscription!
And a Flavor of the Month Subscription? Oh dear...I could be in trouble. Be sure to visit her shop, blog, etc. (Links below)

The Sticky Wrapper

The Sticky Wrapper

Featured Artist Share the Love, Blogger’s Unite

Sara Kamla of The Sticky Wrapper is This Weeks Featured Artist on Share the Love, Blogger’s Unite Come to your senses with The Sticky Wrapper, where we spend our time reinventing classic flavors. We love to push the envelope to bring you new and creative treats that are sure to become fan favorites. You will always find creative and classic treats that will bring you back for more. Indulge yourself in "Yummy" Goodness!  
Find The Sticky Wrapper on:
Craft Cafe   Etsy   Blog   Facebook   Pinterest   Twitter

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