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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday Thought of the Day ~ The Power of Chocolate

source: Pinterest
Especially GOOD chocolate!
I was lucky enough to WIN a box of Godiva chocolates. A huge thank you to M.L. Gardner - one of my favorite authors. Her books are a wonderful place to visit, in my favorite era, and that she gives away chocolate too! I love!!

Book 1 of the 1929 Series.
Right now, it's FREE!
{Right now you can begin the journey into her wonderful series with Book 1 of the 1929 Series, Jonathan's Cross - for FREE! Click HERE! }

I never, ever bought Godiva chocolates myself. I always thought is was a luxury I could not give in to. 

I heard they were good, but.....that, it turns out, is underestimating their decadent deliciousness. 
The chocolates I WON!!
photo courtesy of Raige Creations
More on my chocolate escapades later....but know this:

Chocolate has a power. 

It has the power to bring people together, to relax (especially with tea), and to help us enjoy the simple pleasure in life.

So never feel bad about enjoying a little bit of chocolate. Especially with a good book, and a cup of tea. It's the little things, after all, that make life wonderful.


  1. Well, you do know that you're eating veggies, right? Because chocolate comes from a bean - that comes off of a tree - and trees are plants. So chocolate is a salad.

    Thanks for the link... I'm always looking for new authors to read. :)

    1. a salad, awesome! salad for dessert, salad for a snack, salad with tea, coffee, oh sorry, got lost there.

      I love the 1929 series, I hope you like it too.

  2. Man do I love me some Godiva! Yum. I want some right now, in fact :)

    1. If you follow M.L. Gardner on facebook, she will be doing another giveaway....
      you could win some of your own!
      Her books are great too, check it out!

  3. I do love some chocolate! I bet your Godiva's were wonderful and how nice to receive them with a book. You enjoy every bite, and when you run out you will have to buy yourself some one day in the near future.
    Everyday Inspired

    1. Valerie, I have so much walk slash running to do to make up for all the chocolate this month! lol.
      It was lovely, and I will buy Godiva next time I treat myself. yumm


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