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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Friday, September 2, 2011

I've gone CRAZY today - with hubby eggin' me on!

I was just sitting here minding my own business, wasting time on the computer. An all to normal things these days.....

Hubby was yapping about all the sales this weekend, being Labor Day Weekend.  Going on about how chainsaws were on sale. And dirt. 

Well, we need dirt for all these little guys we are growing to sell to people who like hummingbirds. 

Trumpet Creepers...
hummingbirds love them
Trumpet Creepers
got lots who wants one?

But a chainsaw? Great, what does he want to chop now? Men.

So my mind keeps going on sales, and I say, "Should Raige have a Labor Day Weekend Sale?" He said "SURE! 20% off!
I say, well, sounds good. So begin typing up the FB notice and he says, "make that good for custom orders too and maybe you will get some!

Has he gone nuts? Probably.  Me? I guess I did too because...
To celebrate anyone who works HARD, you deserve a great LABOR DAY SALE! 

Hopefully, 20% off EVERYTHING at Raige Creations will be reward enough. So shop, and reward yourself for a job well done. And let me know what you want if you don't see it, I will make it.
Black Rose on Sunshine
Deep Blue Love at Midnight

If you shop on Artfire, the percentage is already taken off! Just add to cart and go. (if you don't shop there, check it out! You do not need to be a member to purchase!!)
Mocha Latte Mug Cozy Coaster
Old Man Reading in Bed Antique Photo

Also applies to my Zibbet Shops (yes, Vintage Raige too!) and my Etsy shop, but the difference will be refunded via Paypal, and you have to contact me at the time of sale and say I WORK HARD dammit, I want 20% off!! 
lol, you don't have to cuss tho. :)
Alice's Wonderland of Blue Rose Toekini's
So, you've worked hard, GO SHOPPING, and get 20% off.

Crazy, isn't it?


  1. Your work is so sweet. Wish I could get my act together. Irene has just played havoc on my life. Still no power and husband is ready to lose his mind!

  2. That was cute ;) Enjoy the weekend!


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