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Friday, September 23, 2011

Halloween Toekini's!

Boo!  Are you ready for Halloween?
Sure you may be, but ARE YOUR FEET??

It is right around the corner, and to celebrate, 
Raige has made some 
FUN and SPOOKY Toekini's!!
My regular model was at school, 
so luckily, and spookily, 
Bones stepped in to help. 
Meet Bones, modeling some Halloween Toekini's
His feet are incredibly small, so they didn't fit him right, but at least you get the idea.  In this shot, he is wearing the Pumpkin Orange on Black Toekini's. (Yes, he is short with incredibly small feet, so we tied them at his knee...not the ideal Toekini model, but you work with what you've got)
Pumpkin Orange Toekini's

He was a super model, really. The first set is not too scary, some festive Pumpkin Orange Toekini's. 

Perfect for that hay ride, and bobbing for apples.

Or even that barn dance party. Not too scary stuff.

Batty Orange Toekini's

But be careful of the bats in that barn.

They can swoop right down and bite your ankle! Oh, no these aren't vampire bats, you should be okay.

Lucky Black Cat on Hot Pink Toekini's

But beware of the black cat that may cross your path. It is said they are nothing but bad luck....but not always.

Wait a minute, look at this cutie. No way she is bad luck, she is good luck! She is from the Lucky Black Cat Toekini's. That hot pink could get you in trouble with the boy kitties at night though....

Glow in the Dark Ghost Toekini's
Speaking of night, isn't that when the ghosts come out?? Will we have to appease any spirits of the dead?

Let's be careful not to practice necromancy now...

Oh dear, these are spooky! These looked the best on Bones, don't you think?

And they even glow in the dark! 

There is no hiding......from the the dark........

A fun assortment of wonderful Halloween Toekini's, featuring charms from the talented Daresa, of Clay Art by Daresa

Dressing up as a pirate perhaps? Well, finally the Silver Skull Toekini's may be just the right thing for you.
Silver Skull Toekini's

These scared my poor model, Bones, the most! He wondered where the skull and cross-bones came from ~ thought of his poor old uncle Jack. 


Was poor Bones a Pirate in his past life? Perhaps!

Raige has these in limited supply, so if you need your feet to scream Halloween, you better get yours now.

Just contact me via, or via the 'contact seller' link in my Artfire store, to order yours. If you Zibbet or Etsy, there are contact links there too - just let me know!

I will make and ship your favorite one within 2 days of your order. All requests will be made to order, because all of the ones pictured here are on their way to Florida to scare some salon goers into making their feet an accessory to be all the Raige. 


  1. LOL These are absolutely awesome! What fun!

  2. This is fabulous! I wish you had the Share Tools on your blog. Like on my blog.

  3. Thank you all so much!
    I have received a lot of compliments on the model...too bad he will be gone in a few to think about how to get Toekini's on a cornucopia....heehee

    (I do have the share feature, it must be way too low tho, I will move it up so it is easier to see.)


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