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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - Namaste

Namaste - according to Wikipedia- It is a customary greeting when individuals meet, and a salutation upon their parting. When spoken to another person, it is commonly accompanied by a slight bow made with hands pressed together, palms touching and fingers pointed upwards, in front of the chest. As it is most commonly used, namaste is roughly equivalent to "greetings" or "good day," in English, implicitly with the connotation "to be well". As against shaking hands, kissing or embracing each other in other cultures, Namaste is a non-contact form of respectful greeting and can be used universally while meeting a person of different gender, age or social status.

I took my first yoga class here in Asheville, at the Asheville Community Yoga Center. Namaste is the norm here, and I was ready to "be well".

that is Wii yoga on the left
I chose to start with the Subtle Yoga class. One reason I chose this class is because it welcomes beginners, which I consider myself to be.  I haven't been to a proper Yoga class in about 10 years, and back then I only went to a few.  I have tried video game Yoga, but frankly the Wii's yoga options just don't cut it for me. It is just NOT relaxing, and the video instructor seemed to be rushing though, with no consideration of its class (just me and an inanimate instructor, go figure!)

The second reason I chose this class is because it claimed that Subtle Yoga is therapeutic and balancing, and its postures are accessible to most people, adaptable to most abilities. The key things I wanted out of yoga, this class seemed to cover. I was interested in these points:  

* Improve circulation, flexibility and mobility 
* Correct maladaptive movement patterns that cause bad posture, discomfort or pain 
* Balance physical and mental energy levels to improve overall health 
* Release emotionally-charged holding patterns lodged in the physical body 
* Enhance emotional well being, which in turn improves physical health 
I wanted to become: 
* Less stressed out, calmer and more peaceful 
* Less depressed, tense and/or anxious 
* More aware of my life’s purpose (and offers strategies to fulfill it) 
* Improve health and cultivating relaxation 
These things I could not achieve with my Wii game. 

Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls
What is so nice about a class with real people is that the relaxation is real, and natural. The teacher  takes cues from the class, goes at a pace that is not rushed, and in such a way that you feel guided and taken care of. You are led to gentle and full relaxation. The Wii just can't do that. 

I particularly love the singing bowl that is henerally at the end of the class. It fills your head full of relaxing sound, so that it drowns out your other thoughts, and you are just left with the hum of peace.

Namaste Bronze Sculpture
PK Allen Studios
The stresses of life were becoming the main part of each day for me. The difficult choices my family has been faced with over the past several years, the moving 2 times, each to vastly different cultures and climates, the stresses of parenthood, the change of jobs, to the stresses of self-employment and struggling to pay the bills. Years of these stresses was  beginning to take its toll on me, and my normally optimistic outlook. I was feeling so heavy each day, with the weight of all these stresses. I needed to center myself, and find ways to deal with the heavy, and then lighten my load. 

Not to mention my middle age status has shown me that things like strength and balance tend to not be present when I need them. 
It is time to concentrate on my emotional well being, which in turn improves everything. And I have to say, after even one class, I did feel better. I was more relaxed and ready to tackle the day. The stresses seemed less intrusive and I could concentrate on the simple things - creating, to achieve my goals at Raige Creations, and ultimately enjoying the day.

And acutally, when I got home, I found someone liked my creations enough to request a good sized order.

Coincidence? or Karma?

It doesn't matter, I already feel the lightness of future beautiful days.

How do you lighten the load of stress in your life?  


  1. I am a follower now! I can't believe I wasn't already. For me it is the quiet time in the morning when everyone is sleeping that makes my lifeless stressful. Usually I bead, just me, in the 'wee' hours of the morning and the beads! ~KM

  2. That sounds really wonderful. It is nice to find that perfect place where you feel at peace. Yoga is a great way to start the day, and I hope you enjoy your new class, and congrats on your big order.

    I have found that kind of peace at the gym. I listen to relaxing music, get into a zone, and just concentrate just on me for a hour. When I leave I am ready for my day.

    Everyday Inspired

  3. Love Love Love Yoga! But then so does everyone else on the planet and every class I go to seems to get so crowded that I can't stretch out a limb without fear of kicking someone in the head. Being so accident prone, I require about a ten foot radius around me to minimize assault and battery charges. But I do SO love Yoga. I even put an OM sticker on the back of my car.

  4. Thanks for your nice comment on my cell phone vacation post -- I didn't add that the only other moment I really got for myself was a yoga class! I used to do yoga regularly until I had children. I would love to get back to it. I'm very stressed in my life and I know it would calm me down.


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