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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - Are You Sad to See Summer Go? Or is it Just Me?

I noticed on my walk this morning, that the trees on the mountains are already starting to change color! Not many, just a few. But as you look at the hills, you see a small pop of yellow here and there. Also, it has become a little too cool for just a tee shirt. I had to dig out a long sleeve to wear this morning. And during the days, it is that in-between kind of temperature where a tee is not quite enough, and a sweatshirt is just a little too much. (okay, I am convinced that hot flashes may be involved in these internal temperature swings, but hubby does not concur)

Llamajamas sweater
These are sure signs that sweet Summer is leaving us, and Fall is pushing his way right in. And I am starting to think I am the only one mourning this change of season this year. I am reading and hearing how wonderful fall is, how great it is that it here now, super that we get to turn on the wood burning stove, and wear our warm wool-y sweaters. 

Well, I for one am going to miss the heck out of summer! I love summer. For one, the kids are home, and we get to do fun stuff whenever the mood strikes. Another is that wonderful warm sunshine. (I know, skin cancer and stuff, but I love to sit in the sun and get my vitamin D naturally)

Snowflake Toekini
Not to mention, Toekini's become very popular when things are warm, and Raige likes when she gets to go to the Post Office to mail Toekini's all over the place. Come fall? Toekini's get ignored and settle in their bin for a long winters nap.

I dread digging out the coats, boots, hats. So much effort to just go outside! And it hurts to breath when it's cold. We have to close the windows and that mean no fresh air! And my toes get so cold.....

But I believe there are many of you who do not agree with me. Many of you adore the colder weather and the fall season. And I do understand some of it.

Flannel Quilt
The leaves changing color IS beautiful, I do like fires in the fireplace, and I most love cuddling with Hubby under that heavy quilt I made him.  
I love fresh apples, apple cider, hot chocolate, squash, and carving pumpkins. And the approaching holidays always makes me feel warm inside. There is nothing quite like the holidays with family.

I know, there is no point in mourning Summer. There is no stopping Fall. So I guess I should just embrace it. 

New at Raige Creations
Purple Flowered Hand Warmer Gloves
I will hope that the gloves and scarves find some happy new homes, I will pull out the warm weather clothes, and pretend we just went shopping and found this great new wardrobe. But I will still not wear shoes in the house, and take nice hot showers. I will make hot dogs and hamburgers and potato salad. I will enjoy some lemonade. 

Anything to keep summer here, at least in my mind. 
But is it really only me who is not applauding Fall's arrival?
I can't help wonder, am I the only one who is sad to see summer go?


  1. Oh no, not sad here. Summer is always hot in TX but this year has been awful, worse than awful! So I'm very glad to see fall approaching! I love the flowers of spring, but also love the leaves of fall!

    Cute fingerless gloves!!

  2. I am with you!!! Yes, fall is beautiful and a sweatshirt is nice and maybe I,too, will sell a scarf or gloves BUT what I despise is the early darkness...ugh. And the cold hurts. Hot may at times (okay this summer alot) be uncomfortable but it doesn't hurt. Hold on summer!

  3. Oh you are so right, Barbra! I forgot about the shorter days, and more darkness! I don't like that either. Messes up our whole schedule.

    Sarah, I can sorta understand about embracing the cool when it has been so hot. Sorta. ;) thanks too about the gloves.

  4. I'm not looking forward to the shorter daylight, but I'm glad to be rid of summer. It's been a brutal one in the midwest. I've never liked summer though. It just gets too humid here and that it's not enjoyable and hard to breathe sometimes. I'm a winter girl. Love the snow. Bring it on!

  5. I really try to enjoy fall, and I think I would if it weren't followed by winter. Spring I love despite all the mud because I know warmer days are coming, but as beautiful as fall is, I know that all I have to look forward to is 5 months of cold, snow, ice, going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark, too many layers of clothing, trying to keep water available for the animals, constantly telling myself I can't afford to heat the house to my comfort level of 70 degrees - basically misery. And like a previous poster said, cold HURTS!!! Give me 100 degrees with humidity over 80 below windchills ANY DAY!

  6. I'm with you Rebecca, I hate to see summer go, it was a very short one this year in Montana. I do love fall~if only it would last right up until a couple of weeks before Christmas, but I know it will be very short lived here, and the 5 to 6 months of cold will settle in, ugh! However, as you so eloquently put it, there is no stopping it, so we best embrace it! Now where did I pack those sweaters....

  7. I love fall and look forward to it coming every year. As I have gotten older I have learned to appreciate summer (cause its better for the joints) but it was a really hot summer here in the Midwest and this cooler weather is lovely! Enjoy your walks, I bet they will be beautiful.
    Everyday Inspired

  8. Come visit us in Seattle. It's September, which means our summer just got here. True to form, all this week it's suppose to be in the 80s. We haven't had weather like that our whole "summer." :)

  9. Wow, Kay! Just getting that hot there in Seattle? I would love to come visit, but I hear it rains a lot. ;)

    And I knew I would be outnumbered, but still it's good to hear all the positives that go with fall. Thanks for all your comments, I do appreciate it. And tomorrow, when I force myself to go for my walk, I just may wear the 'warm' sweatpants and find those sweaters and warm fuzzy socks. ( I forgot about those warm fuzzy socks too, they are actually so comfortable and soft......)

  10. Not ready to see summer go, but I don't mind the milder temperatures!

    Thanks for enjoying my painting and your good wishes!


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