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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Featured Artisan ~ Betsy from Poly Clay Cafe

Betsy is like me in a way, having fallen in love with art at a young age, then venturing off into a corporate world. Hers was technology. 

We both also found inspiration in our daughters. I feel like I can relate to her, and have just been 'wowed' by looking through her shop. 
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This is just a sampling, hard to believe it is clay.
Be sure to visit her shop, and leave her a comment! 
She would love to hear your thoughts.

Poly Clay Cafe

Poly Clay Cafe

Featured Artist

Share the Love Blogger’s Unite

Poly Clay Cafe is the Featured Artist this week on Share the Love Blogger’s Unite! Stunning pieces in polymer clay by Betsy Strebe!

Distinctive handmade-by-me polymer clay items.

I guarantee that everything in my shop is one of a kind, designed and made by me. My only helper is my cat, she keeps the beads from rolling on the floor! 

You can Find Poly Clay Cafe on: Etsy Blog Facebook

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