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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Walking on Wednesday ~ Fuzzy Headed Snow Day

source: via Pinterest
It started yesterday, but I didn't want to say anything.

Throat hurting from the post-nasal drip that started, but I just took some Advil hoping for the best. 

I hate being sick, mainly because I still have to DO STUFF when I am sick!

source: Philosody via Pinterest

Then this morning, I woke up before 7am (wha?? no school and I am up before 7am??). I felt it in my nose and sinuses. 

I have a cold. 

And, I don't have any tissues.

I have a fuzzy head, and not just from the medicine I took while the coffee was brewing.

Actually, today may just be the perfect day to take advantage of accomplishing little, and complaining to anyone who will listen.... school is closed, businesses are closed, and everyone is home and kind of bored. 

Perfect audience for my whining.

But that isn't how the day played out, of course.
source: Pinterest
I DID manage to get a nap, but woke up to clean the oven (son cooked....well I never cleaned it after the know what happens when you don't put a pan under the lasagna dish.....)

I have one load of laundry left to fold, got the other three done before my nap.

I have dinner to cook, but at least it will be chicken soup. (leftover rotisserie chicken because as I said I started to not feel good went for the easy dinner)

I can handle all this. This is actually a nice easy day for me. 

I HAVE had days when when I felt much worse and had to do much more , so I actually am thankful that I can browse Pinterest, and scroll through my newsfeed, and babble on about my silly cold, and ENJOY my fuzzy head because I DON'T HAVE to do any figures, any stressful analysis, and moving things, or shoveling.

My only fear is that I may spread this to my family. Two of which are of the male persuasion. 
source: Pinterest
Until then, back to Pinterest

If I am not back in 2 hours, give me 2 more.

Thank you snow day, and thank you Sudafed. 


  1. Man Flu -- so true! Men are the worst at being sick... Love that toilet paper on the head thing -- I could use that some days when the allergies kick in!
    Hope you feel better soon -- good that you got that laundry and oven cleaning out of the way!

    1. I have been carrying around the toilet paper yes, I may try to make one of these, lol. Thank you for the well wishes. and yes, I was glad to get at least a few things done.


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