Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Update ~ When Your Brain Can't Write

Wow, it has been over a week since I have written.
The week actually flew past.
I did try to write, but every time I tried, my head went completely silent.

It was not as though it was empty.
It was full. It was racing. 
It was contemplating and figuring and planning.

But it had nothing to write. When I tried to type, my mind went silent.
There was nothing I could put to words on the screen.
(I wanted to say words on paper, but that is not the way anymore is it?)

The words were gone, my mind could not speak in writing anymore.
It could only contemplate, figure, and plan.

That was my week. A head full of things, yet nothing to write.

This coming week, however, I already have Music Monday planned (though not yet written), and things I could post for other days too. I think my head will have an easier time of writing this coming week, it has already been thinking in writing, and I have been able to get through this post rather easily.

The week 'off' from writing was a cleansing of sorts. (I even cleaned out 2 entire closets too! A true cleansing!!)

It showed me that, sometimes, you should not force the writing. It is better to just let your brain do what it has to. Let your brain contemplate, figure, plan. And when it is finished, the writing will come again.

A couple of question to my fellow writers: 

What has been the longest gap in writing, or blogging, that you have gone through?

Was it hard to get back to it when you did? 

Please share - writing is tough at times for all of us, and to know we aren't alone sometimes eases the burden we put on ourselves, no?


  1. Mmm, I think the longest gap I had was about a year between when we moved to a new house and I had Munchkin. It has been hard to get back to it regularly - I simply don't have the kind of predictable schedule I used to have! And I also struggle with what to write about. Since I don't have a focused "I write about food!" or "I write about parenting!" it's a bit hard to know if people will enjoy what I put up. So even after I started trying to update again, I'd go for a couple of months at a time without blogging.

    1. moving takes it all out of ya! When we moved I took time off too, but then wrote a huge post about the horror story of moving. It gave me lots to write about.

      Yes, me too on the focused thing, I write about life, motivation, and creation, which are all vague, but rightly so. This can lead to difficulty when trying to focus however. As long as we just go with the flo, our writing takes a life of its own and comes out better. Write on!

  2. I think my longest blogging gap was about a week. But I totally know what you mean about having your mind racing, and then when you start to type, it's silent. I've found that when it comes to blogging (and writing in general, for me), if I'm not feeling it, it doesn't really happen. I can't really MAKE myself write, or when I do, what comes out I'm not a huge fan of and end up deleting it. It's good you didn't force yourself to write, though. Taking time off can be really good! I've found that when I come back, it usually is easier to write.

    1. A week is not too bad at all. I think my longest was a couple weeks, but that was before I started to feel writing was a calling and something I wanted to take more seriously.

      As I said above, I think if we go with the flo, our writing is better. So go with it, run with it, or let it be silent. right? Write on!!


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