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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Well, Maybe I Am NOT A Good Patient

I so thought I would feel better this morning.

I was so wrong.

The alarm went off at 6am (I forgot to turn off the alarm after we got the call that school was cancelled for today) and I felt like my head was about to explode. I felt completely terrible!

Thank goodness I could turn it off and try to get more sleep.

I grabbed the end of the toilet paper roll (we are out of tissues.....) from the floor and began the cough, wipe nose, cough, blow nose sequence, all the while cursing the world.

Two hours later, I woke up again feeling slightly better, but only better enough to get to the kitchen, start the coffee and take some medicine. 

The coffee was good, and the medicine seemed to be helping because I managed to check all my emails and finish a feature blog and do some other promoting. I even managed to sweep the kitchen, tend to the birds, and take the meat out of the freezer for dinner.

BUT, with each passing minute, I felt worse, and it seems grumpier and grumpier.

I met questions like:
"So, do you have a cold, the flu, or some infection?" 
with a somewhat harsh:
"I don't know, I am not a doctor!" 
Followed by a curt: 
"OF course, it is a stupid cold, honey!"

And perhaps I was not so sweet when hubby said: 
"Your nose is getting red from wiping it." 
I said:
"I know!!"
He said:
"It's going to start hurting." 
I said: 
And then I sneezed and coughed and added the spent tissue to the pile.
source: Raige Creations
The tissue is actually the roll of toilet paper I started with late last night. It is now three quarters of the way gone, my nose is so sore, and I am taking more medicine dammit! 

And YES, that IS the last load of laundry there behind my tissues.... I didn't get folded yesterday! 

So what? At least it's clean!! (and yes, I have to thank hubby for being the one who actually did the laundry.)

Perhaps I am not the good patient I thought I was. 


  1. Isn't it just amazing how when moms are sick everyone just looks at us as if we're in a fish bowl? And you still have to make dinner. Yup. Know that one. At least that roll looks like soft tissue paper. Oh, Benadryl works for me:)

    1. yeah, I had to cook to ensure everyone ate a decent dinner. I can say, though, my teens tried a little to take care of me. They made me tea, and brought me more TP when I needed it, and even helped with the dinner a little (once it was mostly done, of course.). I opted for the medicine with pain killers in it, with a decongestant, and with a nap or two I could function okay. It is what us mom's must do, yes. Even if we feel like we are IN the fishbowl. thanks for reading and commenting.


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