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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scrunchies were patented?

Yes, apparently first in the 1980's, then later revised several times, last in 1994, by Rommy Revson, albeit first named after her dog, Scunci!  As I learned in "Hair Scrunchies, Explained - Scrunchie 101" , apparently there has been some debate as to wether they were a fashion sin or still the fashionable "go-to hair accessory."

Described thouroughly as: "A decorative pony tail holder for securely holding the hair of a user includes a band of elastic material with fabric surrounding the band and forming a plurality of radial projections extending circumferentially around a portion of the band. The pony tail holder may thus be secured to the hair by twisting the elastic band into a generally figure-eight configuration and folding it over itself to provide a tight band securing the hair with the radial projections extending circumferentially around the held hair of the user. "

We never thought of such technicalities back then, and still don't take the time to consider that someone DID take the time to create intricate drawings, and put to words our dilema:  "It is often difficult to provide a high-fashion and decorative arrangement of fabric around the elastic band which will not become too bulky when the elastic band is twisted over itself to tightly secure the hair. It is, therefore, an object of the present invention to provide a decorative pony tail holder which can secure a length of hair by twisting the elastic band over itself to provide a tight grip for the hair while simultaneously providing a decorative display which will not become too bulky as to disrupt the position of the length of hair held by the twisted elastic band."

So true, Ms. Revson!   Fashion sin or not, I for one am thankful we can, still today, secure our hair tightly while simultaneously providing a decorative display.  In fact, last year Scrunchies were quite big in Japan. And according to The Frisky, they are back in style  (well back in November, but that's still in style for me!), so get your Scrunchies out, even get new ones (hmm...gratuitous plug: click here and here ), and wear them proudly!


  1. I remember it was the "thing" to wear scrunchies as bracelets if you weren't currently wearing one in your hair. :) Interesting post, Raige!

  2. OMG...not too long ago (when i chopped off 12 inches of my hair), I tossed all my handmade scrunchies into the Salvation Army bag and hoisted it into the bin. My sister (you remember Erinn, Raige) told me they were dating me too much and I had to get rid of them along with my tresses. Thank God my hair will grow and my sewing machine has been recently serviced! Or maybe I'll move to Japan!


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