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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Help me name my Eggplant Pincushion for motivation

I wanted to share this adorable Eggplant Pincushion with everyone that ZigZag's Handmade This n'That made for me.

I found her on making cute cactus pincushions and asked if she could make me an eggplant pincushion (I love purple and I love Eggplants!)

I am getting ready to tackle another quilt and thought this pincushion would get me motivated and keep me company through the inevitable trials and tribulations associated with quiltmaking.

As I have said in my other quilt posts (The Quilt Story and Quilt Story 2), although frustrating sometimes, I love getting through all the steps and seeing my efforts evolve into my finished product. This cute little "thing" (male, female, it, don't know!) can be with me the whole way, giving me that encouraging smile and keep me going

Problem is - it doesn't have a name!

Help me name it so I can say "so and so, what have I done that these don't line up?" and "so and so, what color looks better with this great fabric?"

Yes, sound crazy, but usually I talk to myself in these situations so now at least I will be talking to this cute little 'thing' and won't seem SO crazy......right???

Suggest name in the comments and I will pick one and announce what it is, once I get enough to pick from. I can't wait to see the great names! Thanks to ZigZag's, and to everyone who suggest a name!


  1. She looks like an Eggbertina to me!

  2. Hi!!! Welcome to Blogland! Found you over at Zig Zags!!! Coming over to show you some Blogland Love!!! Have a wonderful day and I can't wait to see your new quilt!

  3. Thanks sassypackrat and Mama Holli! I appreciate the love. I will announce the winning name in a few days after more folks get a chance to be creative on names. And Updates on quilts! :)

  4. For some reason I'm thinking "Oscar". I'm not really sure why.

    Good luck with the quilt, by the way! I'm just getting into quilting myself, and I'm definitely enjoying it despite the time and work involved.

  5. here is a comment thread i started...

    they are posting some there, although i was hoping they would come straight here...oh well!

  6. Poor Potted Prickly Purple Pincushion Eggplant! :)

  7. My picks are:
    Eglantine or Aubergine - girl eggplant
    Egbert - boy

    BTW, that is one cute eggplant!

  8. OK, I've been thinking about this for a while now (great thing to talk about with a 4 year old!!). My favorite thing to make with eggplant is ratatouille, so my suggestion is "Miss Purple Ratatouille"

    My granddaughter suggested "Purple Butterfly" (Everything seems to have purple or butterfly in its name...) :)

    Whatever you name her, she's cute!!

  9. I love all of these so far! Simplish - a bit long but made me smile ;)
    Thanks to all - keep suggestions comin!

  10. Eggal? lol, just throwing it out there ;D

    When I made it, it felt more like a HE to me... so i think it needs a guy name :D

  11. Funny zigzag/serenity...I felt it was a he too, but my hubby said why are you calling it a he? Maybe its a girl. So I thought, maybe....we will see.

  12. I know, I know. But I'm not as simple as my name implies. :)

  13. Hi! Found you through ZigZags/Serenity. :) That eggplant is too cute! Like Seren, I thought of it as a guy when I saw "him" and the first name that came to my mind was Edward The Eggplant.

    I just asked my husband what he would name the eggplant and he turned and looked over and immediately blurted, "Plumpkin." Cute! Could be a boy or girl name, that.

    Looking forward to seeing what name you decide on and nice to "meet" you.

  14. thanks biologie! Edward the Eggplant Cullen? Go Team Edward! haha.
    Still undecided on the gender, but plumpkin is cute!
    I am getting so many names now thanks all!

  15. well, i got you a few more followers for ya on the forums today :D hope that helps, its always nice to be writing for SOMEONE!

  16. How cute! I do like the name Eggbert. He has just the kind of "shyly cute & encouraging" face that I would like to work with, and look at, every day!


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