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Monday, March 15, 2010

Day Light Savings -UGH

I generally am a fan of Ben Franklin, but twice a year I find myself cursing his "moments of whismey" . Yesterday, being a Sunday, I was not too concerned about what time I got up, but was shocked to find out it was 9:42! Then realized the other clocks in the house (not atomic clocks like my alarm clock) said an hour earlier. Oh yeah, I forgot, Daylight Savings.

I always forget, by the way. Last fall I showed up at my son's friend's house to pick him up an hour early and the mother said, while wrapped in a towel from just getting out of the shower, "what are you doing here? It's only 8:30am!"Ooopps

So this morning, we all had to get up early for school, etc. and it was STILL dark. On Friday, we all got up glad to see some birds outside, just glad to see light. Today, DARKNESS. Damn Daylight Savings. So I explored the internet and found some stuff on the subject and couldn't believe what I found on on Daylight Savings. Kind of dry reading until I got to some "new" regulations, and decided tht Ben was either a great smart-ass, or completely losing his marbles.
For example this suggestion of a "new" regulation (i entered the italics):

'Every morning as soon as the sun shall rise, church bells and, if necessary, cannon shall inform the citizenry of the advent of light and "awaken the sluggards effectually and make them open their eyes to see their true interests ... All the difficulty will be in the first two or three days; after which the reformation will be as natural and easy as the present irregularity. ... Oblige a man to rise at four in the morning, and it is probable he will go willingly to bed at eight in the evening."

And we all still agree to follow this crazy rule of Daylight Savings, even though people stay up late (electric flourescent lights) and get up late (blackout curtains) no matter how dark or light it is outside. Time does not change - it continues steadily, no matter how much we all wish to stop it, or make it go faster.

Can't we all just keep the clocks where they are and continue on with our lives?!?!

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  1. I hear ya! My bedside alarm clock still says the "correct time" because I refused to "spring forward". Problem is... now I'm an hour later than the rest of the country, lol - Eep!


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