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Friday, March 5, 2010

Easter Egg Cozies - Instant Colored Eggs - new to my shop!

Yup - said Easter Egg Cozy.
These vibrantly colored egg cozies bring spring colors and Eastertime any eggs. They almost don't need to be colored, so are perfect for those who don't like to color eggs, or don't have time to color and clean up the mess.
But those of us who DO like to color eggs, these are added fun.

We started this because, though some in the family enjoy coloring Easter Eggs, other(s) REALLY do not like the coloring process (along with the dislike of carving pumkins, decorating Christmas Trees, among other holiday preparations, but those are stories for another day! For the record, I am still NOT giving in on the Christmas Pole idea!!).
They can fit up to size extra large (chicken) eggs. Not quite ready for Ostrich sized Easter eggs yet....

Check these out at Raige Creations . I am selling in sets of 6 at my Etsy store, but would be happy to make a deal for any of my friends and followers of my blog. Just become a follower, and contact me with a custom order.

The DEAL? I will offer a Bakers Dozen to friends & followers of this blog. Multiple baskets to fill? Naturally, multiple dozens will recieve further specials.

Here's to easy Eastertime!
I can't wait to hear from you,


  1. those are REALLY cute! i love the colors! I haven't colored easter eggs since i was like 5 i swear! lol, but maybe this year we will since my kids are at a good age to appreciate that :D

    so, have you decided on a name for your little eggplant??

  2. Very cute, great colors and such a fun idea.

  3. Very cute, great colors and such a fun idea


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