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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Looking Foward to Warmer Weather - Crochet Pattern: Simple Hairband

I was taking the time to catch up on some of my fellow blogers and read their posts. I stumbled across Jac-Ber Creations and their blog on Confessions from a Firefli's Trinket box blog. (I like small boxes too) I was curious of Jac-Ber Creations because of our similar names. There I found, now I can't remember exactly how, this great craft site Craft Passion. I could spend hours here wandering around, finding tutorials, patterns, things that get my creativeness going.

I found a free pattern for Simple Hairbands: Crochet Pattern: Simple Hairband

I know I can't be the only one who just has to get the hair up, off my neck and face, especially when the weather is warmer. This idea I love, because you can use leftover yarns. (I have lots of those now that I have been creating more items for my store.)

Here is my version. It took a little getting used to for me, but I eventually got in the swing of things and finished it rather quickly. This one is for me - I love purple. But they are really so easy to make I think I will make a bunch.

I hope you can have fun with it too!

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  1. I am off to check out your etsy shop; btw, I see you are from Fredonia...I used to live in Jamestown, NY...went to Southwestern High School :)

  2. Well...I didn't make it out of your shop without buying 1 of your bags...I couldn't resist the great price and free shipping!

  3. Hiya,
    Thanks for mentioning us :-)

    I love using all my odds and ends. I usually join up all the bits of yarn I have left and make an enormous ball and then crochet a scarf - ends up very colourful (and the girls I work with love them :-) )

    (I like your gear stick covers!)

  4. i will never understand crocheting...literally. i can't seem to get my mind working to understand how it works. i love the finished product though.

  5. Thank you everyone for your comments! southwestern-thanks for checkin out my store!
    Jac-Ber-the gear stick covers work great - I use mine happily
    kim-if you want a hairband, let me know and I will make one for you! :)


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