Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Walking on Wednesday ~Miss Stress and Mr. Doubt - Thurs. Day. and FRIDAY!

I know I know, it is Friday. Actually this post was originally something totally different that it is now. It is a story of Mr. Doubt and Miss Stress trying to make themselves a home right in the middle of my life. Rather suddenly aggressive, and rather quickly all of a sudden.

Why Thurs. Day. ? Well, Wednesday was spent in an allergy fog, and Thursday was just too hard to even say when that day came around. Why was it hard? Miss Stress and Mr. Doubt had actually been hanging around since Wednesday, but I was in too much of a fog to address them. They were there, but were ignored. Well by Thursday, they were most unhappy to be ignored, and reared their ugly heads so much that I could only tackle the day in parts. Thurs. Day. It is what I wrote on our fridge message board, unable to come up with anything witty or positive to say on it. 

Miss Stress and Mr. Doubt greeted me rather early. I wrote a long-winded, negative, complaining post. Then went in to work and there they were bigger than ever! When I could add to the post, let me tell you it was nothing but complaining, nothing but negativity, hopeless rants. 

I read it this morning, tried to re-work it, tried to fix it, but then all that happened was frustrations. Miss Stress and Mr. Doubt had been hanging in the background really since last night. Much discussion, some decisions, and some great family time, the duo were scrunched out of the picture. But my post, oh my it was bad. I felt complete writers frustration. Nothing was coming out the way I wanted it to. Sure yesterday it made sense, but today, well today it just seems negative, weak, and utter garbage. Today, Friday, is much easier to say, and live. Today I am more like, FRIDAY! Whooo!  

Why? Well, really it is often as simple as a new day, a new try, a new outlook, a decision to do things and handle things differently. Miss Stress and Mr. Doubt, well they don't have to hang around, they can just go on their miserable way, and we will figure out how to continue on in a way without them! 

Stranger yet is that today, FRIDAY! is actually one of my longest most difficult days. But heading into it, with out that doubt, and keeping stress at bay, and working WITH those close to me instead of fighting with them, that helps too. 

Yes, today - FRIDAY!  A different attitude, a different outlook, no doubt, less stress anyways, and the feeling that we CAN continue, we will continue, even if it is a slightly different path than the one we were plotting. With the Miss and Mr. gone, I KNOW we can continue, we just have to be flexible, and work together. 

I actually felt like a weight had been lifted. Why? I realized that the weight I was carrying was a self imposed weight. I had invited Miss Stress and Mr. Doubt right in and was making room for them. That left no room for creating, accomplishing, enjoying, moving forward. 

Goodbye, good riddance Mr. Doubt and Miss Stress. Here is to continuing, confidence, and not letting the weight of you get in the way of accomplishing what we can do. 

Have a Spectacular Saturday!

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