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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Double Feature Picture Show

For missing Music Monday!, Two for Tuesday!! (what you normally get when I miss Music Monday!), and then Walking on Wednesday sneaking past, I had to do something unusual, entertaining, and quick!

So, in honor of our movie night over last weekend, despite the hectic schedule and tons of stuff to do, here is a double feature plus TWO for you.
(for the Two for Tuesday - what you get when I miss Music Monday, plus a bonus of TWO for missing Walking on Wednesday) 

We try to maintain movie night in our family, though it is tough. It is one thing we all look forward to as a family.   This particular piece of history we have watched this with the kids ever since they were young, believing that exposure with guidance, and humor mixed in, is the best way to deal with raising curious children. Now that they are older, they love the audience participation aspect and entertainment value of this cult classic.
It has great music - the kind that gets stuck in your head. Many songs from this movie have been swimming in my head all since we first watched it last weekend. Particularly this one, because someone left a light on in the basement all weekend! Every time I opened the door to throw down laundry, I saw the light....and POP- this song was in my head. 
"There's a light...over at the Frankenstien place...there's a ligh-a-a-a-ie yie y-ight"

(sorry could not find the video from the movie, but at least you get to enjoy Frankenfurter) 
So from my head to yours - take all these songs, enjoy, let it Rose Tint your World.
Finally, a song that goes along with my recent Walking on Wednesday's - at least the 'Don't Dream It, Be It' mantra. 

If you haven't gone to see this movie at one of the midnight showings, well...perhaps I have lost you.
But for those who have, and now enjoy it on dvd, with or without the audience participation, you know where I am coming from.

"God Bless Lily St. Cyr"


  1. Ugh, sorry, I'll get nightmares. never could swallow that:)) But glad to see you back! :))

  2. Well you know how it is with Grandma's.....yup, you lost's o.k., I found me and know where I am today, so don't send the kids lookin'..............;-)
    Grandma Carolyn


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