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Friday, May 11, 2012

Farming Friday - Farmers Market and Our Growing Adventures

Never thought it would be, but today is Farming Friday! 

I went to the Farmers Market in West Asheville to check on Raige's Toekini's there at the shop Locally Grown. I added a few more, and after re-arranging, think maybe even a few more would do nicely.
Then I had a wonderful lunch at The Moose Cafe with a friend. Super good Southern Food, super good company. Their Apple Butter is awesome on those home-made biscuits!
It got warm, the sun was out ~ So far a great Friday
Then I come home and check on my tomato plant and LOOK! I have 4 tomatoes!
PLUS a few more flowers that are sure to turn into yummy home grown tomatoes. I may just have a green thumb after all, but don't want to speak too soon.

My daughter has a good green thumb though. Proof here, are all due to her diligence in taking care of these, here are her Trumpet Creepers
She grew each of these from the seeds. Took care of them all fall, winter, and so far this spring. Then she got some pots and painted them and added an awesome touch of texture (with tiny pebbles from a local creek) and then put some Trumpet Creepers in them. We tried to sell them at The Big Love Fest last Sunday, but no luck. 
So now, what to do with them? Does anyone in the Asheville area want one? Just let me know - once they are planted in the ground, you will have a beautiful pot. 
Contact me for details if you would like one. She would be thrilled to have these go to good homes. (email me at
The hummingbirds will love you for it. They are attracted to these plants and help pollinate them. The orange flowers are just gorgeous too.
These are what they will look like. Just gorgeous.
A great Friday - full of farm stuff! 

I hope your Friday has been as good as mine. 
Nothing better than nature, friends, and family. 
A great Farming Friday!


  1. Your set up at the market looks great - I see at least two TPA Toekinis, too!

    Wish I was closer, I'd come get a trumpet vine... Then again, if I lived closer, I might actually have somewhere to put it ;)

  2. Awesome awesome! Sorry you didn't sell the trumpet vines. I have a few in one of my containers that I saved from along side the driveway where we ended up putting rocks. So far they seem to have lived thru the winter. Love your toekini display! I imagine them just flying off there with all this warm weather!

  3. Gosh, she could sell those pots! She's got her mom in her! And your toekini display looks so professional-- smart! I bet they/ sell well.

  4. Sounds like a great Friday to me! The farmers market, lunch, and you got to come home to four tomatoes. Your daughters pots are so cute, I love the added texture.
    Everyday Inspired

  5. I love the added texture too, Valerie! I thought it was a brilliant idea.
    Thanks all for the compliments on the display - I sure hope the Toekini's do well there. and YES Connie, I have spread out the TPA Toekini's - there are some at the shop in Weaverville too! Hubby told me we can send the plants fedex...I am checking the cost today...will let you know. :)


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