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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Walking on Wednesday - Sledgehammer

The perfect thing to grab when someone who you have been nice to storms off because he didn't get his way, saying as he is leaving, 'have a nice f*%king day'

Yes, go grab that sledgehammer and pound the crap outta that two by four. 
(that did happen to me, some guy who walked in off the street told me to have that nice f&%ing day after we wouldn't hire him to help us with this demo project. Nice, huh?)
See the bottom right? Okay, I missed the 2 x 4 a few times,
but I smacked that bottom board like no tomorrow.
De-constructing. That is my crew - hubby and son.
If you have never pounded something with every ounce of your strength with a sledgehammer, I strongly suggest you do. There is nothing quite like using every effort in your body to make two heavily nailed boards come apart, swinging something heavy to achieve separation. It is actually exhilarating! Especially the first few swings. What power you have! You have exerted energy from your core, and look at that damage!

Yes, tile is heavy.
And hubby takes forever to shoot the picture.
Then, after the fifth or sixth swing, well you have exerted just about everything you can exert, and damn you are tired. Time for a break. I guess you should carry out the mess you just made and throw it in the dumpster. Which, by the way, means you have to lift that pile to shoulder level, the thing is 4 ft tall and at slightly over 5 ft 1 inch, this is pretty high to lift something, and toss it above that to get it in the dumpster.

They must have slathered glue across
the whole floor to glue down this carpet.
Yes, they glued the whole thing down.
Ripping up carpet and pulling up tile are other great ways to get out some pent up stress and frustration. You need to pull with all your might, from so deep down you almost make that grunting noise.  And you need to lift and carry loads of heavy tile along with all that carpet, to throw in that 4 ft. tall dumpster. 

But you do feel so free after swinging a sledge hammer, after pulling up carpet. You can see the damage you have done. You have truly expended from deep down, where you seldom pull from. It sets you free!

I would even call it a stress-reliever. You have no energy for stress when you are done with this kind of hard labor. 

I know it is not every day we can swing a sledgehammer and cause damage of this kind. But if you have the opportunity - give it a whirl. I think you will be surprised at how you feel when you have pounded it a few times. 

I know I was. Though I am glad we are done with this demo, my back and legs are certainly glad, I almost wish there was more to destroy. I could really enjoy a weekly sledgehammer session. 

I think the world could be a much nicer place if more of us had sledgehammer sessions......


  1. How wonderful! I know how great it feels to make the mess... our mess was outside, so we used pruners, saws & rakes. Love the feeling! Can't wait to see this come back together!

  2. can I borrow your sledgehammer? Please ??

  3. You can't beat taking a hammer to something, I bet a sledgehammer would be even better! Sounds like you not only got a little stress relief, but a fantastic workout as well.
    Everyday Inspired


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