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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All the Raige at Big Love

It was a beautiful Sunday, 2 Sundays ago here in Asheville, filled with lots of love for the local businesses. It was The Big Love Fest

I was lucky enough to share a booth with Fuzzy Leaf Felting - she makes felted soaps, and absolutely beautiful hats, fedoras, and the coolest bracelets.  Lindsey is such a fun booth-mate too! We loved people watching....

I also got to introduce Turn Peace Around to Asheville with some great TPA products. Luxurious hand towels with Turn Peace Around symbol and Peace in beautiful flowers letters by Grandma Carolyn's Everything Else shop. Plus, a great selection of Key FOBS from Terri's POP Embroidery.

I had an eclectic mix of things, from Toekini's (of course) to Jewelry by Bridget, to Mosaics and plants.

<- This is what people saw walking by our booth. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. 

The mosaics are now happily at the Farmers Market shop Locally Grown. 

The banner was perfect - made by Anne's Helping Hands Graphic Design shop. 

As you can see, I was also lucky enough to share my space with a parking meter....

Jewelry by Bridget was a crowd-pleaser. 

She sent some gorgeous new copper pieces, some incredibly creative serving silverware, and some great new rings and necklaces. 

The back section of the booth showcased my mix of crocheted items. The bamboo blinds worked perfectly for a display - I am so happy what was in my head worked in real life. 
The only problems arose when the wind picked up a bit. Imagine a sail. We tied down the bottom of the blinds too but the wind still caught it and moved it. Amazingly it didn't affect the viewing of the items.
There is nothing better than happy customers! 
Plus totally awesome that Toekini's are loved by all ages, with shoes or without. 

My first sale was the wonderful woman on the left. She was so excited to take her shoes off to put on her new Toekini's - and she put her shoes in her purse and strutted out of the booth barefoot and happy. 

modeling her mom's
Puppy Dog Mask
The cutie-pie customer on the right and her sister were my best advertisers. They were seen wearing their Toekini's playing in the grass, a festival-goer told me when he found my booth. 
Their love of Toekini's is a wonderful compliment for me because their mother is the very talented person behind Seven Feathers Tribe. A super fun shop, with super fun handmade treasures.

The Stick Shift Cozies were popular too - I am so happy every time I sell one of those because that is the one item hubby thought would never sell - yet I keep selling them. He is tired of hearing about that....

It was a wonderful day, and I met so many awesome people. I definitely felt the love at The Big Love Fest. I am already looking forward to next year. 
I just hope I have such great help again. Thanks to my daughter for setting up the entire back wall of the tent. I am so glad she was there for another reason too - she was part of the beginning   of the Raige, and it seems only fitting that she was there at Raige's first show. 

'Till next year, Big Love - we loved being there.


  1. Lots of great pictures! So glad to hear it went so well for you!

    Now that you've settled back into life, would you consider writing up a guest post for the TPA blog, to share with us how it went? Write up a little about how the idea was received and such....


  2. LOVE all the pictures!! Wish I could have dropped by and hung out!!

  3. Congrats on your first show! Your booth looked wonderful, and it sounds like you had a fun day lots of sales.
    Everyday Inspired


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