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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here is some past Raige

Morning from snow-land. Yes, snowing again.

I am new at this, so bear with me. I am here because I wanted a place to showcase my works, and allow people to see a bit more about Raige Creations. To get a feel of everything it is about. That can't be done in my store (on -link above) so I needed a place where I could show where it started, where it is now, and a place where I could ramble doesn't hurt either...

Here is how it all started.

One afternoon, sitting in our front yard on a Saturday, trying to sell the Jam and Tarts I had made (it was summer, fruit was everywhere, but it was not that warm...).

Yes, no one came by. Well, 1 person first thing in the morning, but the rest of the day we (my daughter and I ) just sat in the yard chatting, brainstorming, being silly.

And Raige Creations came about.

Rebecca (me) + Paige (her) = Raige. We create = Raige Creations! Sounded Great!

She is creative too. She had just designed a Teddy Bear for her best friend and we were making to together. It was so cute we thought we could sell these bears, so thought up a company name.

The next day she didn't like the name anymore, but her friend loved the bear.

We started another bear, and then she moved on to other things. I finished the bear.

I thought, sure, could be a selling thing.

My husband didn't like the fabric (not a polka dot fan).

He is a flannel shirt fan tho, so guess what? The Teddy Dog was born.
He currently still needs a tail, but I will post a picture of him as soon as he gets a tail.

Then summer flew by, school started, we sold our house, moved, chaos...
No more creating, busy with activities, sorting all our junk, packing, moving, tending to sick (everyone got sick!).
Who had time to create? I was surprised I could just manage.
Then it was Christmas! Chaos was a given.

Phew, now we could relax after Christmas. But it was winter. Cold, winter, ugh. Inside time.
I got the idea to crochet. My M-I-L was making these really cute cell phone cozies. They would sell I said. She was making a whole bunch to try that.
Maybe I really could create and see if anyone wanted to buy my creations.

So Raige Creations on was born.

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