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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - Bittersweet Back to School

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my kids.
School buses ready and waiting for the first day.
Bittersweet, you ask?

Bittersweet is actually a color, a variation of orange, so fits into the coming of fall, and in 1949, "bittersweet" was made into a Crayola color, so actually quite fitting for back to school.

But yes, back to school is bittersweet in the adjective sense of the word; producing or expressing a mixture of pain and pleasure.

The kids say they don't want to go back to school, they have enjoyed their summer of carefree days, sleeping in, no homework, no projects or grades to worry about.
The lonely swing
my son and I put up.
But in a way, they want to go back. Though they won't admit it, they like the structure of days with purpose, and of course they want to re-connect with their friends, maybe make some new ones.

For me, it is bittersweet too. I have   enjoyed the summer with them so much. Spending time doing small projects, like putting up a swing, or growing plants from seeds. 
We got so many plants
from those seeds
I enjoyed the lazy afternoons, and evenings in the living room listening to music, or watching movies. 

The lonely basket ball
and hoop
I have even enjoyed shooting some hoops with them, but I usually give up after the first few misses....

I have enjoyed watching them use their creativity in preparing dinners for the family, each having one night a week during the summer to see what they could come up with for a meal.

My son climbing at
I will miss them so much this year. This is one of the very few summers I have had the 'luxury' of just self-employment with Raige Creations and no other job to run to each morning. 

I was here with them whenever they needed, and here to enjoy the whims of 'hey let's go rock climbling!'. I was here to see how wonderful they really are with no outside pressures of school and friends.

Alice's Blue Flower Garden Toekini's
With them back at school, it will leave me to fully devote my days to Raige Creations. I will have no excuse to delay making that scarf, more Toekini's, or try new patterns. I will have no excuse to not finish that quilt I started last winter and have left untouched since. 

So, back to school IS bittersweet. Sad that this summer is ending and our time of togetherness will be regularly interrupted, but looking forward to the exciting possibilities of the new year and the future
A mixture of pain and pleasure.


  1. Nice, Raige......................!
    I hear ya', it IS a bittersweet time.
    Grandmother Carolyn

  2. I understand how you feel, my daughter is leaving for college tomorrow and I am really sad that I won't here her coming home from school anymore, or have and all her friends taking over my living room.

    We have had a great summer together this year shopping for her dorm and school supplies, and we have gone on many lunch dates. I know that now I will get my house back after 18 years of it being all about her, but I am really going to miss her a lot.

    Enjoy your time to get your work done, and all the stories you will here when your kids get home from school!

    Everyday Inspired

  3. I really hope I can get all those memories written down somewhere. My oldest is graduating in January (mid-year-early!) so it is all happening so fast! Thanks for your words of wisdom. :)

  4. With grown children now It has been a few years since I have had to buy all the things you need for school. But, as a School Bus Driver, I will get to
    spend another year watching kids grow,learn, and explore themselves. School here does not start until day after Labor Day, so kids have a little more time left than yours :)

    Will your oldest go back to walk with their class?

    Bittersweet is the word~~

  5. Leta, they have a mid year graduation ceremony for all the kids in the county, so he can walk the stage in January. BUT, the principal said he can't be sure of the graduation date, because last year it was all delayed due to weather delaying the semester. So, that makes it very difficult to tell grandparents when to fly in....

  6. My kids go back the 1rst -- that's early enough! The summer flew by.


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