Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - To Expect the Unexpected -Guest Post by Diane Svete of Artemis53

I am lucky enough to have a guest post today by Diane of Artemis53 on Zibbet. She is a regular walker, finding inspiration and wonder in each walk. In her shop, she brings the 'Best that she has have that will Glow in the Moonlight and bring out the Goddess that Lies within us all.' Today she is sharing her walk that reminded her to embrace the unplanned and keep open minds. She shares so that we may also learn from her lesson.

I truly think it amusing as to how things work out the way that They're supposed to despite myself. This morning was once more to be an example of learning to Expect the Unexpected.
I was upset with Myself this morning due to the fact that I had awakened at 7:30 am for My walk rather than before dawn as I usually do. Even though I had just gotten off from working 3, twelve hour shifts in a row I was 'kicking myself' for not rising earlier in the darkness to experience that separation of morning and night during my paces that we call 'the Dawn'. Daylight had already taken over the sky as i set out erasing the coolness of the night and I was 'livid' with myself for what I perceived as 'poor timing'. Still stuck in that negativity, I went out for my walk with dark clouds inside of my head that that matched those of this Morning's sky. I was ruminating upon how I had missed the 'glories' of the Dawn.

As I swung the second turn and was coming upon the cattle pond, I perceived that there was something a bit different that perhaps I wouldn't have been able to see in the 'wee hours' that darkness commanded. My curiosity piqued, I moved from the road to the white, boarded fence of the pasture to acquire a better look at scene before myself looking for the clues as to a subtle but certain change.

The Cranes were still in place sauntering through the shallows while the Egrets partook of their early morning antics of skimming the pond each taking his turn. this I had seen many a time and was not out of sorts. I then turned my sight to the Mallards at the side of the pond. The two edged closer to the water and finally took their leisurely swim towards the depths. It was then that i saw a haze of Brown surrounding the them that had diverted my attention. As I moved along the fence line for a better look I was met by a surprise that I'd not imagined. There in the pond following the Mallards was a flock of New Ducklings paddling behind in the cool, morning water! 

I was in awe and amazed then humbled! Immediately the thoughts of the early morning came back to me as to my regret for missing the pre-dawn hours. There in front of me was vision that I'd not foreseen for a day that I had already labeled as 'gone wrong'. I searched my mind and realized that if I hadn't gotten that late start, I would not have been able to see these tiny, quacking promises of Hope. In the murkiness of the morning, they would've been hidden by the mist rising from that pool of rainwater.

I turned from the fence and set my feet down once again upon the pavement. I had learned a Great lesson this morning. There's a Reason for everything whether we choose to think so or not. It's best not to prejudge. Tiny miracles abound if only you open Your mind. I will take that lesson learned this morning and keep it in my thoughts throughout this wonderful Day.

~Diane Svete
Be sure to visit Artemis53 to experience some beautiful things, and her facebook page to keep up with all her wonderful photos and walking musings that she posts regularly.
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  1. That was a lovely post, Diane. It's amazing how those little ducklings taught you a such a big lesson.


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