Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Into the Fog

I was up early today. Very early.
Maybe not early to some, it was light out, the birds were chirping, the cat wanted to be fed. (well, our cat wants to be fed not matter what time the first person is out of bed.....)
Mountain Fog, from
It was about 6:30am. This is the time I normally get up during the school year. (The kids need someone to make sure they are up and catch the bus.) But this summer, we all have been enjoying sleeping right through the entire six o'clock a.m. hour. In fact, sometimes we sleep through the 7, 8, and 9 o'clock hours too.

But this morning, I woke up and just couldn't get back to sleep. My mind started racing with all the things I hadn't accomplished, all the things I had to do, all the projects started but not finished, the bills that had to be paid, and the stress of how we were going to pay them.
Early Morning Crossing, from
Laying in bed with all these thoughts was unbearable. So I got up and cleaned the kitchen sink. Then I cleaned the stove while the coffee was brewing. I fed the cat. I don't know exactly what I was doing when I noticed the fog. I looked out the window, and couldn't see the next hill. I could when I first got up. I wiped the counter, uncovered the birds (we have parrots), fed the dog, and noticed the fog was quick thick now. 

Perfect, I thought. Just like me. In the fog I am, I thought. I have completely stalled. I am sitting still, I don't have a clear line of sight. Visibility is reduced to obscure what lies ahead in the road for me. 
London Fog, from
Fog is distinguished from a cloud mainly  in that fog is low-lying, and the moisture in the fog is generated locally. It is distinguished from mist only by its density, as it is expressed in the resulting visibility. Fog reduces visibility to less than 1 km (5/8 statute mile).

What clears the fog? It depends on what kind of fog it is. The fog around here usually clears in the late morning, after it warms up. That means the fog I see out the window should be gone in a few hours. But what about MY fog? That is more difficult to predict. 

House in the Fog, from
I decided though, to settle in to the fog for now. To embrace the fog. To use it to my advantage. I am not sure what that means yet. But that's okay. For now, I won't be concerned with what is through the fog, what is just past my visibility.  I will enjoy the quiet stillness the fog brings this early in the morning. 

I expect my fog will clear too, and then I will be able to see clearly what is down the road for me. I will see the path to take to accomplish all the things I have to do. I will figure out how we are going to pay the bills. 

But it is still foggy, and it is thicker now than when I started. So I will sit back and take the dense moisture in. I will embrace it. I will hope to come out of it with an even clearer vision than before I entered into it. I just hope I don't get lost in the fog.
Forest Fog, from


  1. Love this post Rebecca.... the fog can be a good thing. Use the time to meditate, dig deep and journal your heart out. Think on the things that are most important. Start there. Take the time you need for you. xo love to you

  2. great blogging this morning Rebecca. I totally feel with you, I guess we can take each others hand and lead us through the fog we are stuck in right now. And the summer break is not really helping this year.
    But I hope that you will find your way through the dense fog and come out on the other side with a clear vision.
    It was foggy here this morning too, after all this rain.
    Have a good day and take time to puddle in your fog!

  3. You are an amazing writer - interpreting your thoughts with clarity, color, poetry! Foggy am's are so much a part of NC, and DO give us a time to reflect before the business of the day begins......Thanks for this one, Rebecca - beautifully done!
    Grandmother Carolyn

  4. Wow, excellent! You have expressed your thoughts so well, I often feel I am in a brain fog and struggle until it clears...

  5. what are you doing inside my mind? Yes, my mind feels just like yours this morning. with everything that has happened here, the way you describe things is like reading about how I feel. putting words to what I cant. You have a wonderful way with words Rebecca. Thank you for sharing ....

  6. When it's foggy, I like to go walking. Since you can only see the objects immediately around you, it gives you a new perspective on them since you're seeing them for what they are instead of in relation to everything else.

    Maybe you can somehow put that idea into practice for your foggy thoughts, too?

    Have a good rest of the day! :)

  7. I think you are correct in waiting to see what the clearing fog will bring you. Sometimes it takes the fog to bring the clarity we will soon see.
    A wonderfully written piece Rebecca.

  8. What a very intense posting. You're right - embrace it for now. Sometimes it is protective in that it keeps us from seeing too much and becoming overwhelmed. When the fog lifts, simply know that you will see clearly again. And know, too, that all fog lifts to show the sun. :o)

  9. A beautiful post supposed by wonderfully sourced images!

    Everyday life can be a stressful event to most mums! Believe me I wake early with worries in my mind as well and wonder how it's going to work out... and you know what.... it always does! It will for you as well.

  10. Thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments and kind and supportive words! The fog did clear to sunshine outside, then a thunderstorm this afternoon, to sun again. The weather is so representative of my thoughts today!
    And yes, I still can't see down that road, but can still see the sunshine.


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