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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - Finding Your Creative Marketing Side

So you created your product, you took some great pictures, and now you have to get it listed so everyone can see it.
You are ready to give it a title, and you are stumped.

You sit and look at it, and all that comes to mind is the color, the material, and what it is. Not a very exciting name. This won't grab attention. But nothing else comes to mind.

I have been there.  Last night in fact.
After several tries, after much frustration, I remembered a listing a fellow Zibbeter shared the other day.
Let me share it with you here.
Gunsmoke Chainmaille Bracelet
Gunsmoke Chainmaille Bracelet

Well, Marshal Dillon finally done went and did it!! He done gone into town and picked up Miss Kitty the purtiest bracelet he ever DID lay his eyes on! Well, everyone who done went and seen it on Miss Kitty just wanted one too, so Miss Kitty very graciously allowed it to be listed here. Wasn't that sweet of her?!

Miss Kitty's bracelet is made of smoky iridescent gunmetal that encases gorgeously brilliant teal-blue glass rings. The whole bracelet is then done set off with ice blue rings purty enough to mimic the sky! Now, wouldn't this look lovely on you, too? You bet it would!

Approximately 7.5" long

By Marge from Xquisitely Lady M

Now doesn't that paint a great picture? It actually made me want to buy it, and it is on my wish list for when I can.

Part of every purchase we make is the feeling we get about the product, the places it takes our minds, the feeling we will have when we are wearing it, showing it off, or whatever. If we as sellers can't paint a picture that will appeal to our buyers, it will not catch their eye or imagination enough for them to hit that 'add to cart' button and finish the purchase.

With Marge's (from Xquisitely Lady M) great copy in the back of my mind, I tried again. Still struggling, trying to find the words I haven't used a million times before, I still had nothing.

It struck me that there was a wealth of inspiration from other Zibbeters! I thought, why not ask them how they feel about my product? What would they say when asked what is the first thing that comes to mind when seeing this Toekini? I bet I could use their words to better name and describe my Toekini's.

Summer Love Toekini's
So I posted a picture of one of my new Toekini's. I asked for a little help naming it.
Marge (see above) chimed right in with Summer Love.

Perfect I thought. There was also Blue Lagoon suggested by one of my lovely Facebook fans. And then Tender LoveAll great, all fit, but I thought I could use only one, so promptly listed it as Summer Love.Doesn't that evoke some great romantic feelings?

This is just what I needed, it really made it so much easier to write the description, and I loved it. So why not ask again, on the next Toekini? I was having problems naming this one too!

This time I asked "What is the first thing that pops into your head when you see these?"

The response was more than I ever expected! Flower Garden, Wedding Cake, Spring Fever...
My daughter strolled by and said they reminded her of Alice in Wonderland. Now my mind was racing!

Alice's Blue Spring Flower Garden full of
I decided why not use a few suggestions, and thus: Alice's Spring Fever Flower Garden on Zibbet, and Alice's Blue Flower Garden on ArtFire.
(you know, SEO, can't duplicate listings, blah blah blah)

The responses keep coming too! This morning I saw Summer Breeze, Morning Glories, Cinderella, and Guinevere (because they are something a queen would wear), and that brought in King Arthur.

You can see how all these great suggestions can give you so much food for thought, so much to start with and once you start, it just keeps flowing. You could paint so many pictures with these words. Your listing can be a story, can be scenario for your customers to fall into and see themselves in, wearing your product.

I had one more Toekini to list, was getting tired, so again I called on that wonderful Zibbeter Group.

Right away there were comments: Deep Love, I Love you, Speechless, (no kidding)  Awestruck, Cherished Love, Walking on a Midnight Rendezvous...

See what I mean? Something about the Midnight Rendezvous struck me, and my mind went wandering on that. I went with Deep Blue Love at Midnight on ArtFire, and Deep Blue Rendezvous at Midnight on Zibbet.

And again, more comments I saw this morning:
Love in Velvet, Velvet Visions, Deep Blue Love.

Now, I have titles for items that I have to create. Not only did this fun game, of asking fellow creators how they feel about your product, what comes to their mind when seeing it, give me great titles for my Toekini's, they made the descriptions so easy to write. 

The added bonus I didn't expect was that I now have so much inspiration for creating new ones, that these great titles will fit. I can't wait to get to my stash of charms and yarns, and get making more!

Future Toekini's
Especially since these just came in the mail today, from Clay Art by Daresa!!

So if you are having trouble finding your Creative Marketing Side, why not seek help from your fellow creators? You may find yourself travelling down a path you never imagined, going to a midnight rendezvous, with lost of great ideas along the way.


  1. Oh my gosh! What a lovely surprise! Thank you SO much! ....glad it helped you out!

  2. What an awesome post, Raige! You're so right about Lady M - her talent goes much deeper than a jewelry artist- she has a poetic soul and such a flair with said something there about "traveling down a path.." and it reminded me of one of my favorite (ELVIS) songs, "True Love Travels On a Gravel Road".....heard it?
    But, I your tribute here to clever people and clever descriptive words and how they both can trigger an avalanche of ideas and creativity!"

  3. I did the same thing with a new yarn I was working with.It is always great to hear another perspective....Zibbet and Facebook fans rock! included.

  4. That is a very good idea. Sometime coming up with a title is the hardest part of listing a new product.
    Everyday Inspired

  5. I sometimes struggle with combining the creativity with keywords. I can come up with some nice names, but they aren't exactly searched for. Hard to find that balance.

  6. Once again we realize it's not just the creating (for many of us the easy part). It's the unique photographing, the catchy words, the presentation, the networking, and all the rest. All go together in one package. Thanx for the post to help us with one of the facets!

  7. Check here for a 'prize'!

  8. I find a glass or two of wine helps aswell :-)


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