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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Great Heat Wave Giveaway! Keep Cool in one of these Red Hot Toekini's

Baby it's HOT! 
Much of the East Coast USA has seen temperatures in or near the 100 degree mark. For those lucky enough to have air conditioners, and lucky enough to be able to afford to turn them on, you have some relief. But for us, we count on fans and cold showers,very little clothes, and definitely no shoes, just flip flops or sandals

I have worn Toekini's every time I went out, just slipping on some flip flops to keep my feet as open as possible, but still looking great. 

In celebration of  sandaled feet, flip flopped feet, and bare feet, Raige is GIVING AWAY a set of Toekini's to keep cool with. 
Winner will get to choose 
ONE Pair of these Red Hot Toekini's!

The Red Hot Ball of Pearls Teokini's

The Warm Pink Cross Toekini's

The Red Hot Chili Pepper Toekini

All have been removed from my shop, the Red Hot Chili got a makeover, and ALL are ready for the lucky winner to keep cool.

The winner will be randomly chosen with on Saturday July 30th at 6pm-ish.

Winner will get choice of one out of the three offered here. 

Three ways to enter:

1. Good for one entry, and the only mandatory task to enter: Please follow my blog and comment on what is your favorite Toekini from Raige Creations. Please include a way for me to contact you.

Extra entries can be submitted if you:
2. Good for one entry : In a separate comment, suggest a  Toekini that you don't see, but would like to see, available at Raige Creations.
3. Good for one entry: Share this with your friends, and in a separate comment, say where you shared this giveaway.

Good Luck and have fun! 
And mostly, STAY COOL!


  1. I like your black and pearl toekinis best.

  2. I tweeted this giveaway as well!!/melissalynndart/status/95199828740542466

  3. I have been following you! I love your toeini's and I think my favorite (could change at any moment!) is ladybug one!! Super cute!

  4. Stumbled, tweeted, blogged and shared on FB!!
    hee hee

  5. I think a giraffe toekini would be cute!

  6. Absolutely adorable. I have to put this on Dancing Rainbows and Treasures from Nature's page. I love them all. I especially like any fruit ones. Cute, Cute, Cute!!

  7. I think a Bunny toekini in lt. grey would be adorable. : ))

  8. yeah!! love the black pearl toekini's.

    toekini's with sea shells or flip flops would be cool too.

  9. DEFINITELY love the moose! LOL My youngest son fell in love with moose when he was little and since then, after buying moose everything, I've fallen for them too!

  10. Out of all the gorgeous creations you have there, I didn't see a heart. I think a heart on one would be stellar!

  11. My favorite is the Ocean Blue Glass on Sunshine Yellow...

    You can find me at

  12. I love cats, so I think some kitty toekinis would be adorable!

  13. I tweeted your promotion, and all my tweets show up on my Facebook fan page!

  14. Hi Raige. I'm a follower and LOVE those Chili pepper toekini's. They're so cute.

  15. Just tweeted about your giveaway.

  16. Wooden Bead Tan Toekini is lovely. I'm a newbie and I'm sharing. Happy Thoughts, Julia<3

  17. My favorite is the cross toekini!
    I'm a follower of your blog!

  18. Ok you finally got me- shared it on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter...

  19. Love your Toekini's !! especially the red hot chili ! been following your blog, keep it up !

  20. I love the chili pepper toekinis. I follow your blog. :)

  21. Thank you ALL so much for entering! I love doing giveaways, so plan on more, so keep following.
    Also thank you for telling me what you like best and what you would like to see - I have the new ideas in the works right now, so also stay tuned for new Toekini's!!


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