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Monday, September 9, 2013

Music Monday! Where Is The Love?

This phrase was muttered to me last Friday by my Dear Hubby: 
'Where is the Love?'
Of course, this beautiful song by the Black Eyed Peas (this was their first hit) popped into my head.

I had missed a call from hubby because I was on the phone with my oldest son. He had called me from college to let me know he had received the package I had sent him. 

Hubby said "Why'd he call you? What about me?" Poor hubby felt what I am sure every father feels at one time or another. Mom gets all the love.

We were just discussing this fact while watching football the night before. It is most evident with sport stars, who always buy their mothers houses, cars, and say 'HI' to Mom at the camera. 

Apparently Dad's start to feel unloved! Where IS the love for the Dads? (And yes, I picked hubby's least favorite QB for this fine example. Sorry hun.)

What hubby forgets is that he and my oldest do talk, and for much longer than I ever talk to him. They get in to deep conversations, debates, and they also log a lot of video game time together when my son is not at school. 

Truly, the love is there with Dad too. Because when they talk, they share things I could never share. (I could never teach the boys how to shave their face properly. Their legs maybe, but face? No. )They are men, they are friends, and they look to each other for advice, companionship, and guy stuff that boys just shouldn't share with their mothers. 
A Tee Shirt lovingly decorated way back when, for Father's Day.
(Yes, those are socked foot-pints, but my youngest refused to take his socks off to get his foot-prints.
My boys are stubborn, by the way) 
OF course, there was plenty of public dad love when they were little. Tons of father's day handmade cards, rough play, picking on mom together moments (yes, hubby convinced one son to pee on me while I was peeing. I failed to see the humor in that, but they sure bonded over it!) But when the boys grow up, it is less public, and it seems that it is Mom that gets all the love.

Father and Son
(college drop off)

So, why does he call me more? Maybe it's because I am his Mom, and he will always be my cuddle bear. Maybe it's just as simple as that. But don't worry Dad, there IS plenty of love there for you. 

And as it turned out, hubby didn't have to worry. My son DID call hubby later that afternoon. And guess what? They talked for 2 hours! 

Yes, dads do get the love, perhaps less publicly, more private, but just as deep.

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