Be free-floating, allowing the situation to surround you, and be in it. Take in the full surroundings, including the temperature of the water.
This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Walking on Wednesday ~ Emotions Stall, and Then Lead to Motion

Struggling to write lately, I found I have been going through a long list of emotions. I have tried, perhaps too hard, to find words of wisdom to share, funny stories to tell, sayings that mean something important. Each time I think I've got something, the feeling is fleeting, and I am on to another tangent.

As I go back and forth, even today when I have a definite list of things to get done, I am sad, happy, stressed, appreciative, worried, hopeful, excited, afraid. Everything. Which means it is very tough to get through my list. 

A Guide! This could come in handy...
The problem, it is hard to put a term to it. Sometimes if I write it, search for inspiration, give my emotions a name, it eases them. But I cannot find a way to name all this!
I found myself sitting in front of the computer wishing....
-Wishing I didn't have to go in today. -Wishing it wasn't month end already. 
-Wishing I could not stress. 
-Seeing the sun, after a morning of fog, and thinking to myself, what a beautiful day. 
-Thinking I should make Toekini's.
-Thinking I should cut up the potatoes for dinner now so it is easier later.
-Thinking I should wake everyone up and tell them I love them.
-Knowing I should fill out that report.
-Knowing I should go for a walk, I should balance the checkbook to make sure we can pay bills.... 

I was all over the place, feeling this, then feeling the direct opposite, then back again. So much so it had completely stalled me.

But once time had forced me to accomplish menial tasks, like showering, I began to think, 'well, just get through today, accomplish a few things, and you will be able to get through'. 

I managed to make some blueberry-apple bread, the first time I tried it. It turned out to be the best, my favorite combination so far! 

Through the kaleidoscope of emotions, came a wonderfully tasteful thing! The motions of my energies came together. 

I ended up crossing off several things on my list that had been there for weeks. I even woke up off the couch tonight to finish this blog, which came much easier than it had been earlier in the day. Emotion IS energy, we just must turn that into MOTION.

Are you more productive when faced with many things, many emotions? Or do you find they stall you?


  1. Too many emotions, and I definitely get stalled. But if I can grab just one emotion and hold on tight, I can seriously make magic happen...

  2. Gosh, you sound stressed. Take care of yourself.


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