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Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday's Family Jewels - Sculptural Jewelry in Copper and Silver

Bridget, my very talented and wonderful mother-in-law as you may remember, is always one for experimenting and pushing herself creatively in any way her heart leads. 

This limitless inspiration has yielded some beautiful jewelry, among other things, and today I wanted to show you her Silver and Copper Sculptural items.

Starting with the Copper - the shapes and texture she got when she poured these is just amazing. Celestial feeling and certainly completely unique.
Copper Aurora Pendant
Copper Planet Pendant

Silver Sculpture Topaz Brooch 

Her first brooch, this Topaz and Sterling Silver piece is perfect with that scarf, or on your lapel, hat, wherever. 

She simply let the silver lead the way, and came up with a wonderful piece.

Now for the Silver Sculpture Pendants. These are completely one of a kind and unique, from Bridget's own limitless imagination.
Art that you can wear.
Olympic Trails Sculpture Pendant
Turquoise in the Rough Sculpture Pendant
The mind conjures skies, shapes, scenes, oceans, and animals, and Bridget brings it all to life. 
Dolphin Playground Sterling Silver Pendant

This collection shows a playful side to Bridget, and truly shows what a skilled metal smith she has become. Her bee stamp is the icing on the playful cake.

I have a hard time picking my favorite, because as the mood changes, so does the feelings that each evokes. I do know they all have a special place in a wonderful collection of Sculptural Jewelry from Jewelry by Bridget

Which is your favorite?


  1. Very cool jewels :-)
    I like the Turquoise in the Rough, it'd make a fab brooch too.
    Clever MIL :-)

  2. I told her brooches are hot right now and that she should make some more, so we will see what she comes up with. I love seeing her try new things.
    And yes, it is great having a clever MIL. I will give her your suggestion for the turquoise in the rough brooch. thanks!

  3. Copper planet is my favorite. Funny, since I'm always drawn to silver, though I love those pieces as well. What creativity and pushing of limits here, love them all.

  4. the copper ones are so cool, aren't they? my jaw dropped when I saw them. It is inspiring to see someone push their limits, hope it helps you push yours.

  5. WOW!! AMAZING work!!
    I LOVE all of them, but especially the Turquoise in the Rough Sculpture Pendant and Copper Aurora Pendant!!

  6. that's 2 for the Turquoise in the Rough! And 2 for the copper!

    need a tie breaker, lol.

    Thanks, Michelle.

  7. Nice. I love the copper ones. Very original, and reminds me of the forces of creation!

  8. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful,'Raiging' reviews!
    I really enjoy creating the unusual.


  9. Beautiful collection! I love all the unique shapes and textures she has added to her jewelry.
    Everyday Inspired


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