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Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Family Jewels - Jewelry by Bridget -

A fun way to introduce my Mother-in-Law ~ Bridget ~ in the new series Friday's Family Jewels. Each Friday we will see some of Bridget's creations, now available at Raige Creations

Here is Bridget, and a little bit about her passion for stones and rocks. 
Here Bridget is with her hubby, Mac
Finding stones has always been a family pastime, passed down from Bridget to her son (my hubby), and then on to her grandchildren. We have stones from Iowa to New York, from the Caribbean to Maine, and nearly everywhere in between. She even bought our oldest son his own tumbler back when he went through his Caribbean Crystals Collection phase. (We still have a big jar full of crystals and rocks found in the old quarry from when we lived there) His collection never got tumbled, though. It sits on his dresser in a jar. Still, it is pretty.
Just a few of the rocks and crystals in my sons collection.
But Bridget actually does something with her rocks. She goes searching for that interesting stone, brings it home and tumbles the stones for days. Then examines each to figure out the best way to display them. 

She has been making jewelry for about 3 years now, first discovering the passion for making jewelry in Arizona. She turned over last winters' creations to me, as Raige, to offer for sale in my shops. I guess she figured she couldn't give away anymore, that we all had enough. She has been giving friends and family her jewelry for years now. I, as Rebecca, am the proud owner of several pendants, earrings, and bracelets of Bridget's designs.

So today, here is one of Bridget's creations : the Arizona Stone Pendant. Bridget found this stone somewhere along her hiking treks in Arizona. Found something special about it, the shape, the colors in it, something she just couldn't put down.
The Arizona Stone Green Pendant
available on ArtFire or Zibbet.
She tumbled and shined this one until it was this beautiful stone here. Then wrapped it delicately with gold plated wire, in just the right way to show off this simple, yet elegant stone. 

Bridget's determination and hard work are an inspiration to me. And that she shows such generosity, love, and kindness along the way is a great role model for me, and my kids. I feel lucky to have her as a Mother-in-Law, but I am really lucky that she is more like my Mom. I also love that I can represent her creativity and skill at Raige Creations

After all, if it wasn't for her thoughtful gift of a crochet hook and some yarn, Raige Creations would have never come to fruition.


  1. What a lovely lady - talented, creative, giving! How fortunate you are, Ms. Rebecca, to have such a dear MIL! You have written a wonderful piece!

  2. This was absolutely stellar!!! Hello Bridget, so lovely to meet you!!

  3. Very nice to meet you, Bridget. Welcome to this fun, wacky, but so very supportive group.

  4. That's neat that it's like a family affair.

  5. Hi Bridget, Nice looking stone. Great job on the wire wrapping.

  6. Thanks everyone! And Bridget loves the warm welcome. Will try to get her to leave a comment or do a post one day. There will be more next week. :)

  7. Its so lovely that you and your MIL get on so well that you'd put her on your blog :-)
    I could think of 'other' places I would like to put my ex MIL :-)


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