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Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday's Family Jewels - Bridget's Rings - and NEW soon come!

When I mention that my mother-in-law is in town now for over a month, I often get looks of horror and sympathy. I have heard horror stories, and tales of horrible mother-in-laws, but I am forced to explain at each reaction to my statement, that I am one of the lucky few that has a wonderful mother-in-law. I explain that we get along better than if she were my own mother! That she is the complete opposite of the wretched mother-in-law stereotypes.
My Heart is at
Superstition Mountain Pendant

Then I get to mention that she is also a wonderfully talented and creative person who makes some very cool jewelry that I am lucky enough to show in my shops in the Jewelry by Bridget section

Venetian Glass Ring
Sands of Time Resin Inlay Ring
New to the shops are Bridget's small selection of rings. This was a new avenue she tried last year to explore the wire wrapped jewelry in more than just pendants. She made just a few, and I am happy to introduce them to you today.
Finally, tomorrow (after more than a month here), she is bringing me some of her new jewelry! All she has said was
 'I tried something new'. 
She said it like she had a great secret she was dying to share, but had to wait until the exact right moment before she could reveal it. 
When she tries something new, it usually is very cool, different, and SO creative. You think one of two things:
WOW, that is so inspired! Like this very inspired vase she made.
Whispers in White Vase
from my personal collection
Wow, that is funky! Like this 'Rasta Dude' sculpture she made.
Wha's 'appenin', mon?
She is keeping this in her personal collection.
I can't wait to see what she has created this time. It should be some incredible jewelry. 
But more important, I am so glad we can share the excitement of creativity, and get along so great while doing it. 


  1. I LOVE my mom-in-law too, none of those scary sterotypes!! Your mom's creations a great!! Here's to COOL mothers-in-law!!

  2. That is awesome you have a good MIL too! I'll toast to that!
    I will tell her you love her creations, she so appreciates the positive feedback! Thank you.

  3. Your Mother-in-Law's stuff is really cool! It must be fun to be able to create with her and share her creations in you Etsy shop.
    Everyday Inspired


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