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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Walking on Wednesday - Walking Instead of Driving

I am lucky enough to live close by Main Street. Part of my regular walk route is on Main Street, but in the residential area. The business section is just a little further, and I often don't go that far mainly because my walking clothes are not really what I like to be seen shopping in. 

New packaging for the Egg Cozies
Today, I decided to dress in jeans and a decent top and make my walk serve two purposes. First, get me walk in, exercise and health. Second, get some of my errands done. My thoughts were this:

How awesome is it that I can walk to show off my new packaging? 
This will be great, and maybe I can get some great pics of the shop too! 
And pat yourself for the added bonus of a tiny help to the environment.

So I packed my bag of Toekini's newly packaged to drop off at the local gift shop, my camera, and money so I could stop by the pet shop to get the parrots their food. It felt so good to get out there in the fresh air knowing I was about to accomplish so much.
New packaging for Toekini's

I was thinking all good thoughts when I got to the top of the hill, slightly out of breath. At the top, my thoughts turned to this:

hmmmm, it sure is dark. 
Wow, look at that Stop sign blow - it's WINDY! 

Then, I felt raindrops. 

Who wants to walk in a gift shop soaking wet? With a soaking wet, and most likely smelly by now, dog?

So I turned around and finished up my short walk, dropped the dog off and grabbed my car keys. 

Now my thoughts were this:

Sorry me, walking will have to be another day. 
Sorry environment, 
gonna add to the pollution only a little, 
because really I don't have to go far.

Frankly, I get enough environmental references around here. Asheville is full of environmentally conscious people. There are even bike racks on the city buses! 

You would think that in the mountains, people would rather drive due to the steep hills and distances between things. But I never saw so many bicycles riding around when we lived in flatter places!  

The first time we saw bike racks on buses was just the other day. We were at a stop light: 
Guy gets off  one of those green and blue buses, 
walks to the front, takes bike off, 
puts on sidewalk, 
goes back to the bus door and 
thanks the bus driver.
Did I mention it was a Hybrid Bus?
(see that rack folded on the front there?) 

With all this environmental goodness, and niceness (who thanks the bus driver these days?), that goes on around here, I think my little car ride today didn't hurt the environment too much. 

But next time, I promise I will walk, for that and all the other benefits. 

Hopefully I will have to re-stock the gift shop because they sold out. 


  1. It's awesome when you live close enough to walk, but I totally don't blame you - walking into a gift shop with a wet dog is not very nice.

    We have bike racks on the buses here, too. And I always, ALWAYS, thank the bus driver when I get off, even if I don't have my bike with me.

    Did I mention we don't even have a car? So between walking, the bus, and our bikes, that's the only way we get around. And we like it that way.

    BTW, love the new packaging!

  2. I have missed reading your blogs - my fault, not yours! I liked today's feature, and I LOVE the picture of the little one with her fingers' crossed - that is SO Raige!
    Grandmother Carolyn

  3. Thank you Sunfire! I am so happy with the packaging, and the manager of the shop was too! He gladly handed my back the pile of Toekini's they still had and took the packaged ones.

    Missed having you around here too Grandma! I have to say I got the image of that cutie pie on the internet, was all over it, but that totally sums up how I feel. I SO hope I have to re-stock soon.
    {{{hugs back to you both}}}

  4. Good on you!!
    I live in Oregon so I can totally relate to the rain, wind and hills!! We are "environmentally conscious" here too with bike racks on the buses and even a bike share program. While I don't live close enough to Main Street to walk, I could certainly get off my rear and ride my bike!! That will be my goal this spring!! If the price of gas keeps going up, I will have no choice!!
    LOVE the new packaging and you know you will have to walk back soon because the will all sell out!!

  5. Your packaging looks great! I hope you sell lots of toekinis and are restocking all your shops real soon.
    Everyday Inspired

  6. Thanks for the compliments on the packaging Michelle and Valerie. I hope they sell out too.

    I never knew racks on bikes were the new thing, but I keep hearing they are all over. That is great, and I hope everyone thanks the bus driver while they are at it.

  7. I love walking! and public transport is awesome for giving us more reading time :)


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