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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Walking on Wednesday - Alterations

I have limited sewing abilities. I have made pillows, sewn buttons on, patched jeans, and can even make a decent tied quilt. But alterations to existing garments are a bit out of my comfort zone.

Why did I need to make alterations?

My daughter needs a long, white, flowing skirt to complete her costume for the upcoming school musical. Our quest for a long, white, flowing skirt was a difficult one, especially since we procrastinated beginning the search, and it is January. (not exactly white skirt season). And the play is in one week.

I managed to find the perfect skirt though. Couldn't believe it! And it was on sale to boot! Only $7!

One problem though:
It was a size 1XL - She is a size 5. 
Out of the selection the store had, this was the smallest size white skirt they had. (They had sizes of the same skirt up to 3XL!) 
But since the play is about a week away, we needed to get something, and this one actually had nice applique work on it. 
I thought, 'it's a skirt, how hard can it be to take in? And it's for a costume, AND it's only $7. If I screw up, I can get another.'

So here I am today, making alterations to a $7 white skirt. 

I promised my daughter I could do it. She was doubtful, as any teenager would be when her mother says 'I'll make your clothes'. But I assured her it was no problem. 

The more I thought about it, unsure I was.

And now I sit here staring at the skirt afraid to make the deciding cut.

 I have thought it over, and have a plan. But that cut, once it's cut you can't go back. I am a little nervous. So nervous in fact, I started this blog, showered, and got dressed and still nervous about making that cut.

But I have a job to do, and my daughter needs this to complete her costume. 

The failure would be to not try.

Sure it is outside my comfort zone. Actually, I have never altered the size of a garment before. I have never completed a garment before. (I started a dress once in high school, still incomplete)

But I realized if I had failed to try, my daughter would have been in a disappointed panic. (Not to mention I would probably have to spend a fortune getting her a skirt in time.) 

I would have taught her a horrible lesson. I would have shown it was okay to give up. 
Raige would not be where she is today if I failed to try! (I would still be at that metal factory writing up shipping papers and filing - my last paying job)

No, giving up is not an option. We cannot succeed if we do not try! 

If this is not your mantra, you will not begin to feel the joy, the sense of satisfaction, the happiness of success. No matter if that success was actually a fairly simple alteration. 
A size 1XL down to a size 5
 There is also something wonderful about hearing from your hubby 
'I don't know why you think you can't sew! See? You are good at it, it looks great!'

And you don't hear things like that if you don't try.


  1. Congrats! I have the same phobia about sewing. I know just enough to make linings for my hand woven bags.

  2. The skirt turned out great! Your right that first cut can be the hardest, but now that you know you can do, next time it will be a breeze.
    Everyday Inspired


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