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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Walking on Wednesday - Cleaning Instead of Walking - Not My Idea of a Good Time

I do not enjoy cleaning. (I know I am not alone here, right?) I find it gets in the way of accomplishing other, more enjoyable and just as important things. You know, like paying bills!

I read all the time tips and suggestions for quick cleaning - but nothing changes the fact that I just do not like cleaning. I find it utterly frustrating that you spend so much time and energy on making your space beautifully clean and tidy, turn around and BAM, it is dirty again almost instantly.

Why am I complaining today? Because I am sitting here listening to the pitter-patter of rain hitting the windows and roof as it pours down outside. And I am really not in the mood for getting cold and wet.

So, I turn to my messy, dirty house. Is it fate's funny way of telling me I am a terrible housekeeper, that I just listed Maidcraft, A Guide to the Art of Housekeeping last night, and today the weather is keeping me inside looking at the hairballs and dust and piles of papers, yarn, and STUFF all over the place?

I flipped through this book (yes to procrastinate actually cleaning) and found a treasure of information in here.

For example, it starts off with Chapter I - Training a Maid.

A nice conversational bit convinces us that this subject is on the minds of every woman. This is an excerpt:

A cross section of bridge table conversations is enough to convince anyone that Maidcraft is one of the chief interests of the average woman. "Does your maid serve properly?" - "My maid can't seem to systematize her work." - "Yes, my maid can cook, but she never gets the things on the table hot." - "What my maid needs is a schedule for cleaning." - And then there's always the woman who couldn't play bridge that afternoon because she was breaking in a new maid.

Wouldn't it be nice to be sitting at a bridge table voicing those concerns! For us, these days, that is a fantasy, right? (Disclosure - I did employ 'domestic helpers' when I  was lucky enough to live in the Caribbean. And yes, it was wonderful to have a clean house, especially when I wasn't the one had to clean it.) 

No, Ladies, we are on our own as far as housekeeping. So what can we take away from this book? PLENTY! For example, Chapter VIII schools us on the Care of Children. The section on Rules for the Maid in Managing Children covers 13 important points. For example:

5. Remember that you are an adult when dealing with children. So don't act like a child.

And my favorite:

9. Never allow a child to think that his medicine or some part of his diet is unpalatable. Taste is a matter of personal opinion and cultivation. Some children actually like cod-live oil, so by all means, do not say, "I don't see how you can take that stuff." Don't even let your face change expression when you give him a food that you yourself dislike.

My emphasis on the cod-liver oil. Oh yes, cod-live oil is delicious!!

I must say, reading this book is much better than cleaning, but alas, it must be done. So I will gather my crew....
Gathered my crew to start cleaning. heehee
photo courtesy of
I wish that was my crew! 
Chocolate Polka Dot Squares
I will gather my duster, dust mop, and toilet brush, putting on my cleaning smock, and begin the chore of tidying and cleaning. 

If you don't hear from me by dinner, call for help!

Do you dislike cleaning as much as I do?


  1. I hear ya, I hear ya - and I feel your pain!!!!

  2. I knew I wasn't alone! And I am still here on the computer so I haven't even started cleaning yet. ugh!

  3. Thinking about cleaning makes me tired,once I get down to it though I find it hard to stop.

    One thing I don't like doing when it's raining is being in the kitchen...I get an icky feeling...don't know why.

  4. God, I hate cleaning. I hate it so much, I can't bear to do it all in one day so I seem to clean all week long. Depresses the hell out of me; makes me feel really lonely somehow. Bathrooms are the worst so they get touched last. But I love shel Silverstein!

  5. That is true for me too Hannah - once I start, I am so picky I probably spend more time on it than I really need to. And tidying usually turns into large organization or re-arranging projects.

    And I too have had the lonely feeling when cleaning. That is why it is so nice to be done! I find myself cleaning moderately all week too. But lately I have been slacking, so a big job it is. And the bathrooms, they seem to get done more often because I really can't live with an unclean bathroom. (a pet peeve).

    Finally the sun came out this afternoon and we were graced with a rainbow! Not a bad end to the day. :)

  6. I have 'proven' that I'm crap at it, so when I pick up the vacuum cleaner or start to do dishes others take over :-) My mother bought be a coaster for christmas that says something lik e "I don't do housework on days that end in day" I like it that they have all conveniently forgotten hat I lived alone for years in a spotless flat!

  7. I hate cleaning so much. I don't do it very often, usually only when I have to. It is much easier to keep the house kind of clean now that my daughter is away in college.

    My husband was out of town for 3 weeks in November and it was just me, I cleaned nothing, no laundry, and I only did the dishes every other day. It was great!

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