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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Music Monday! Feed My Head

When I asked hubby this morning what song was stuck in his head, because my head was uncharacteristically void of any music, he said "Feed My Head is stuck in my head".  And that led to this song firmly implanted in MY head. (after I giggled because it sounded so funny!)

How did it get in his head? Well, the kids found the movie SuckerPunch on cable. (dvd movie website) Though it was criticized a bit harshly, the music and visual effects were enough to make us watch it not just once this past weekend, but twice. (daughter didn't see the whole thing the first we watched it again).

This is one of the songs that fit right into the theme and feel of the movie, and being a good song to begin with, it gets in your head, and just sits there, quite pleasantly.  

As it replayed in my head all morning, it came to me that I particularly enjoyed this weekend in part because I found the creative challenge I needed to get back to my yarns and beads, and get back to creating! With a NEW pattern, there are new items and new section at Raige Creations! 

So my head was fed. Here are just some of the results.
Find these new cuff bracelets soon,
along with others already there,
in the NEW section at Raige Creations
It feels good to have a fed head. 

Music helps feed my head too, and the music from Sucker Punch really feels right when creating. I just might have to get that soundtrack.  

What feeds your head?


  1. I love this song too Michele.
    That soundtrack is pretty good, you should check it out.

    and thanks too.


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