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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Gift Card Holder Challenge Deadline Has Come

It is here. December 1st. 
We are easing into the home stretch of the holiday season, and the deadline for submissions in the Easy Challenge for the Fantastic Five has arrived. I have showcased some of the creative entries here, started the holiday countdown with some here, realized this challenge was addictive to some people here, plead the 'gift cards are not always bad gifts' case with some here, and finish up today with the last few entries.

Like this cute stocking by Sunflower Studios. I love the polka dot texture on this one.
Stocking Gift Card Holder 
by Sunflower Studios
There is something about a sparkly flower that just says holiday! This card holder by Arte Di Blondi has a beautiful Christmas flower for the season.
Gift Card Holder by Arte Di Blondi
Of course Christmas is not the only holiday, and Hanukkah was not forgotten with this Star of David Mini Hanukkah Stocking.
Mini Star of David Hanukkah Stocking 
by Raige Creations
Two months of submissions, tons of creativity, and here we are at the end of the challenge. Five gift card holders will be chosen out of the 32 entries, all seen on this Pinterest wall. Monday's Fantastic Five will feature the winners for all the last minute online shoppers. 

Can you believe we are last minute shopping now? Happens so fast, but really, if you need a gift in a hurry, gift cards may just be the way to go! 

And you know, gift certificates from your favorite Zibbet shop will fit in any of these gift card holders as well. Easily printable, many sellers will mail you a certificate, and the gift of handmade can make this holiday truly special.

Hubby and I are trying to finish up our shopping this week, or at least most of it. 
Do you have a lot of shopping left to do?


  1. These are great. The first 2 are so sweet.

    Most my shopping is done. I do it all the time so I'm not flipping out at the end. Just a few things to get, but they're easy things to get.

  2. I love the Hanukkah stocking - anything mini is cute to me! hehe


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