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Friday, November 18, 2011

Ready for the Shopping Crazies? Take it Easy.....

Well, the days keep passing, and the time keeps ticking. Before you know it, Christmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you celebrate this time of year, will be right upon us. You want to give something special, but you have those difficult to buy for people on your list. Gift cards can seem so generic on their own.
Festive Gift Card Holder by Clay Art by Daresa
But sometimes that is the best option. SO - give it in a very special, handmade, gift card holder.  There are so man different kinds so you have plenty to choose from.
Christmas Gift Card Holder by Bohemian Grove
Many of these can also hold that other oh so generic, but oh so practical gift - money.  But keep it hidden until it's opened in one of these.
No Peeking Rudolph Reindeer Gift Card Holder
by Breitwork
Or perhaps you want to fit a small gift in a very special sort of gift wrap. There is something quite special about a mini, handwoven basket stocking. 
Handwoven Mini Christmas Stocking by Baskets by Rose
Another benefit to this type of gift giving is that when the weather is frightful, you do not have to treck to mall and go from store to store. No fighting the snowflakes outside.
Snowflake Gift Card Holder by Breitwork
This little mitten will keep those gift cards warm.
Pink Mitten Gift Card Ornament by Millions of Stitches
Of course, little stockings are cozy warm too.
White Mini Stocking Blue Trim - Hanukkah Colors
by Raige Creations
Let the kids enjoy the snowmen outside, and shop from your computer. Put their 'get whatever you want' gift in this cute guy.
Snowman Gift Card Holder by All About the Buttons
Any one of these, or the others I have featured here, here, and here, should really make the holidays Merry.
Merry Flocked Paper Gift Card Holder by Ruthie's Girl Designs
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and so is the crazy shopping season. Take it easy, shop Zibbet, and give the maybe not so personal gift  in one of the very special gift card holders you will find there.

Got a gift Card Holder idea of your own? Join the challenge. You have 13 more days to submit your idea, and it may get picked for The Fantastic Five.


  1. What a sweet and generous post! Thanks for including my little snowman!

  2. Such great ideas! I started shopping early this year too because every year time just flies by and then it's just a week till Christmas and I still have to shop for all the presents. ;)

  3. Love this! Thanks for including my gift card holders...
    I need to get busy and make a few more! So many ideas, so little time!

  4. Great post and GREAT ideas!!
    LOVE the snowman from All About the Buttons, so CUTE!!

  5. What cool ideas! I usually don't like to give gift cards, but you are right a cute gift card holder add that perfect personal touch. I love the snowman.
    Everyday Inspired

  6. Lots of seasonal goodies. A great selection Rebecca :>)

  7. Thanks everyone! There really are so many great ideas, and it makes giving a gift card so much more special.
    Happy shopping. :)


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