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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Gift Card Holders - Only 53 days until Christmas!

 53 days until ChristmasOnly 49 days until Hanukkah, and just 51 until Kwanzaa. That still may seem like a lot.Or it may seem like not enough time! Depending on how you shop for the holidays, it is either plenty of time or not near enough.

What is a great way to get a gift, a quick gift, a gift for someone you don't quite know what to get? A GIFT CARD, or MONEY. What is a wonderful, personal, and thoughtful way to present a gift that is often considered impersonal, and not very thoughtful?
Gift Card Holder made with Two Bucks Cash
by The Purple Rat
A very unique, handmade gift card holder.
Like the one above, by The Purple Rat. Using money for money. Brilliant!

Judy, from Portable Graffiti, presented us Zibbeters a challenge back in the beginning of October to create wonderful, creative, and thoughtful gift card holders that she could feature in the Fantastic Five for all of those...last minute shoppers.  I started showcasing some the other day here

The creativity is awesome, and some just can't stop creating wonderful, original card holders. Like Enchanted Craft. She just keeps them coming! First, Her hand painted holders are each one of a kind.
Fairy Gift Card Holder
by Enchanted Craft
Dragon Gift Card Holder
by Enchanted Craft

Does the person you want to give to like Fairy's?

Or Dragons?

Her crocheted and knit creations are so original and have the rest of saying - "What a great idea! Why didn't I think of that"? okay, maybe that's just me....But these one of a kind gifts will make fans completely happy with a gift card ornament.
Harry Potter Golden SnitchGift
Card Holder Ornament

by Enchanted Craft
Red Angry Bird
Gift Card Holder Ornament

by Enchanted Craft.
How about a Harry Potter Fan

Or do they prefer Angry Birds?

Maybe your gift recipient is a little more tame, a little less into the modern day fads. Maybe they just love angels
Angel Gift Card Holder
by Enchanted Craft
Maybe you are just looking for a nice touch of snowflakes and sparkle. Sometimes, the blues and silvers of the snowflakes in winter are soothingly warm, especially if there is a gift inside
Snowy Snow Flakes Gift Card Holder
by Ruthie's Girl Designs
Ruthie's Girl Designs reminds us how bright and shiny and fabulous they are with her gift card holder.

There are more gift card holders to show. The entries keep coming in too. 

We have just another 53 days, well 52 maybe by the time you read this, until Christmas. Only 49 days until Hanukkah, and just 51 until Kwanzaa. Is that enough time to make sure all your loved ones have thoughtful gifts? It is if you get them a handmade gift card holder! Any handmade gift would be a great gift actually. There is enough time to get a special one if you start looking now

Now that Halloween is over, do you think we should hit the holiday shopping yet? Or are you of the camp that waits until after Thanksgiving? 


  1. Nice page layout!
    Thanks for using my daughter's origami dollars gift card holder.

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  3. I can't believe it's only 53 days. Thanks for the reminder.

    Lot's of cool gift card holder, the one made of money is really fun.

    Everyday Inspired

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Haha, thanks indeed for the reminder. I usually start Christmas shopping as soon as I find something awesome on clearance that I can tuck away! For instance: I found a nice $25 hardcover Bruce Springsteen book for my brother (a huge Bruce fan) for $2 in July! Saves me money, headache, and time in December!

    (Not that I never end up with last- minute trips out... ha!)


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