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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - Rain or Shine? - Not Me in the Rain Today!

I was feeling uninspired this morning for Walking on Wednesday. Just didn't know what to write about.

Often in these circumstances, the thing that gets me out of the rut is actually a nice walk. It gets the blood flowing, leaves me with only myself, and the dog, and whatever squirrel we come across with the occasional dog barking.

So today I got on my walking clothes, got the leash and poop bag, put on my walking shoes. I was ready for a nice mind clearing walk. I go out side, chat a minute with hubby who is having his morning smoke with coffee outside, and what happens? It starts to rain.
I think, "oh, just sprinkling, maybe I could get a quick walk in". Before I finish this thought, it begins to pour.

So there I am, ready to walk, the dog just as excited as ever because she loves walks. And I say "No walk today, back inside Lady J". She pauses, looks confused, and finally gets it as I head inside.

Great, no walk today. I did not feel like getting wet, and I sure didn't feel like bathing the dog after our walk.

Normally I am not against letting the rain deter me. I am the positive thinker for the most part. I love dancing in the rain. But today, it just seemed like too much work and I certainly don't want to get sick. 
But some days...there is nothing better than being outside during a nice rain. And you can't tell me that you have never felt joy when jumping in a puddle.....

Maybe next time I venture out for a walk and the rain starts, I will embrace a walk in it. I will head out with no umbrella, jump in a few puddles, maybe even dance a little.
After all, you can't have a rainbow without a little rain...

When was the last time YOU danced in the rain?


  1. I really enjoyed your pictures for walking in the rain. I wanted to pin them. Are you the original source or do you remember where you found the photos? I have a couple of my children that would look great with them for a scrapbook etc.

  2. Hi LeAnn,
    I just did an internet search for them, sorry don't have the original links handy.
    I used Bing images if that helps.
    If you want me to find them feel free to email me at Raige at

    Thanks for being a valued reader of Raige's Ramblings.


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