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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - My Heart is at Superstition Mountain

The rain has washed away any hopes of getting my walks in thus far this week, so I am taking a virtual walk to the Superstition Mountains in Arizona

The Superstition Mountains are a range of mountains near Apache JunctionArizona
Inspired by this very cool stone pendant, and one of a kind creation by Bridget. She found this stone in the Superstition Mountains and beautifully wrapped it in in silver plate wire to make it a piece that is stylish and chic.
With such interesting color and texture in this stone, I set out to learn more about the Superstition Mountains. 

The Mountains have a rich history going back to when the Spanish arrived in 1540. It is most known for The Lost Dutchman Mine. Shrouded in mystery, the mine is not only allegedly extremely rich in gold, but is also said to have a curse upon it, leading to a number of strange deaths, as well as people who mysteriously go "missing” when they attempt to locate the old mine.

Perhaps all the stories of those who went missing, later found either without a head or with unexplained gunshot wounds, or both, are some sort of Apache curse, as this area is sacred ground for the Apache Indians.

It was only back in 1984 that the last prospector was found, dead, in the Superstition Mountains. He was a prospector named Walt Gassler, and had been searching for the Lost Dutchman for most of his life. 
When he was found dead in the Superstitions, in his pack was gold ore, later discovered to be identical to that of the rich ore of a previous prospector who allegedly knew of the position of the mine.

The list of those who ventured there to find the mine, never to be seen again, is quite long. Some of the tales are gruesome. The fact remains that many skeletons have been found in the Superstition Mountains, sometimes missing their heads.

There are literally dozens of different variations of the lost mine tale, and almost as many reports of people actually having found the mine, leading to it being the most found and lost again mine ever. This simply adds to the intrigue of the Lost Dutchmen Mine and the area, a magnificently beautiful area. Here are just some of the stories.

Do you have Gold Fever? Here are some of the treasure maps to help you, or hinder you. Only the brave know the difference.

Just be sure to 
"Look for stump with nail in center. Walk 10 paces due east, 12 paces north, then 5 paces west. Dig down 1 foot and you will find the treasure."
Looking at the Stone Pendant again, it is eerie to note the heart shape, and the red and white veining in the stone. Does it seem to speak of the many hearts that beat to find treasure, only to find death, or perhaps it is the heart of the Apache.

Now you understand why My Heart is at Superstition Mountain


  1. Interesting post! Eerie story indeed. I love your last line.

  2. I have never heard the stories of the Superstition Mountains, how interesting. It looks like a beautiful place, I don't need the gold, just being there to see all that beauty in person would be wonderful.
    OK, the gold would be nice too :)
    Everyday Inspired

  3. Very cool!
    Also sounds like somewhere you might find Scooby Doo :-)


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