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Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Gift Card Holders

It will be a tough decision for Judy, of Portable Graffiti, to make. To choose the Fantastic Five for Gift Card Holders. It was a challenge she posted back at the beginning of October.

It seems that once people started making them, they just kept on going. Today, I will show you 7 gift card holders, from only 2 shops. 

Breitwork has some wonderful gift card holders, that can also be used as a luggage tag or a business card holder. A gift that keeps giving!
Poinsettia Gift Card / Luggage Tag / Business Card Holder
by Breitwork
Beautiful machine embroidered pieces, these will definitely last.
And who doesn't love a cute little Penguin?
Penguin Gift Card / Luggage Tag / Business Card Holder
by Breitwork
Then there's Nancy from Millions of Stitches. She has submitted a total of 5 different gift card holders as of today! The first one was already showcased on this blog, but that wasn't enough for her.
Green Mitten Gift Card Sleeve
by Millions of Stitches
The cutest little mittens, made into practical gifts.
Mittens Gift Card Holder
by Millions of Stitches
These can also be used to hold other gifts, like filling with candy canes or small decorations.
Holly n Checks Gift Card Holder
by Millions of Stiches
How about one that is not quite so holiday and maybe a bit masculine? 
Gift Card Holder
by Millions of Stitches
There are quite a few options, and now all you have to do is decide which one. Though there are more submissions to the challenge yet to be featured here. And there is still time to get entries in, so who knows what other creative souls will step up.

Next week there will be whole bunch of new submissions to feature. And you still have time to enter - so get creative!


  1. So cute!!
    I guess there is no way I can get away with giving gift cards this year without making some holders!!

  2. this is so cute card holder to use for gift cards..thanks for sharing it with us.


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