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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Walking on Wednesday - Time for Some Cocktails

While on my walk today, the air had the crisp fall feeling, the smell of the last of the leaves on the ground. The sun has already positioned itself in its winter position of further south, so it changes the way it comes through the windows of the house. 

The whole feeling of fall, which means the whole feeling of the holidays. They are right around the corner!

During the holidays, many host large family gatherings, and most at least attend some sort of  family gathering. And if any of you have family like I do, the bar is open from the time the first guests arrive.

But who can remember all those fancy drink recipes? Not me! But my Dad could whip up a Martini like he was professional bartender, while my Mom was in the kitchen cooking, with her favorite drink, the Daiquiri, already in hand. When the guests arrived, I could never keep up with all the different drink names, and bottles were just being tossed around like a juggler was hired for our entertainment. 
My only job was to make sure there was enough olives for my Dad and his Martini's. He needed several in his because he gave us the vermouth and gin soaked olives to munch on. 

Did I mention I was in elementary school when these gatherings were at the peak of the family parties? We always had our tiny glasses of Shirley Temples too, full on with wine and a touch of 7Up,  even though were could barely reach the glasses to put them in. 

And when I got older, I thought regular olives tasted funny, without all that gin and vermouth in them.....

But even after all those holiday shindigs, I could never remember how to actually MAKE any of the drinks. I never needed to, thank goodness.

If I ever did need to, this Vintage Barmaid's Apron would certainly be the one I would sport behind the bar!

As I got older, it seemed the family holiday bar got smaller and the guests were fewer. Until eventually, my parents were no longer hosting. 

Now, holiday gatherings are just me, hubby, and kids. We are far from extended family, and no one can afford to make the long hauls. Perhaps, someday on very special occasions, we will all get together, my brother and sisters, cousins and in-laws, and open a bar again, and make some of these fun, old fashioned, cocktails. 
At least the making of them will be fun. Don't worry if you want this apron, or any others in the collection now at Vintage Raige. There are several others that were part of my mother's collection that we are keeping. And we will be sporting them behind the bar for sure.

Do you make any fancy or old time cocktails at your family gatherings?


  1. HAHA, brought back memories of my family!! My Grandparents anniversary was New Year's Eve and my Grandpa's b-day on New Year's Day!! The parties were HUGE!! I remember looking up at all the adults thinking them pretty silly!! I don't remember the names of the drinks, but I KNOW they had alcohol!! LOVE the apron!!

  2. We had shirley temple's too and I remember feeling like a big shot.

    That apron is super neato.

  3. It sounds like wonderful memories of your family and the holidays.

    We have always had simple holidays, my parents did not drink, so our parties were not as lively. Today our holidays are still simple, but I always enjoy a good martini.

    What a fun apron. You are going to be extra busy not what you have two shops and a zazzle shop. I wish you lots of sales this holiday season.

    Everyday Inspired


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