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This may bring incredible clarity, presence and focus. This is what is means to be a jellyfish.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Music Monday! Way Back Home

It hadn't occurred to me that people have already started travelling home for Thanksgiving until someone mentioned it to me.  But then again, I am not one of those that is travelling.

Since our move, our holidays have been small affairs, just me and hubby and the kids. We haven't had to travel to celebrate and we haven't had to entertain. I had told myself that holidays are much less stressful that way. That is true, but this year suddenly, I find I am missing those holidays. The bustle of packing the car with the dish to pass, making sure the kids have things to do to keep them busy during the 'boring adult time', the good food and drink with the extended family, the abundant leftovers.

This Thanksgiving will be another holiday that I only have to entertain hubby and the kids. I probably wouldn't have thought much about that if my youngest hadn't suggested this song, by Bob Crosby, for today. I asked him, "Where did you hear THIS song??" It was released in 1935. That was from my father's time - he would have been 18 years old when this song was released. It sparked all the memories of my Dad, and the family gatherings we hosted each Thanksgiving.
Where would a 13 year old hear a song like this? A video game of course. It is apparently played on the radio in the game Fallout New Vegas, a post-apocalyptic video game that takes place  in and around Las Vegas.

You know what? I am glad my son is exposed to some great old music. That he can appreciate it enough to suggest it for Music Monday is wonderful. This song reminds me of my Dad, and those crazy family holidays, the smell of turkey and stuffing and Lemon Pledge. (the turkey was in the oven first thing in the morning, and then the hurried cleaning before he guests arrived) 

And I am glad I can share my memories of my father, and explain that he was young when this song came out. That I can tell little stories of his Grandfather, who he doesn't remember at all because he was only 2 years old when his Grandpa passed away. 

So for all of you that are travelling Way Back Home to your extended families - have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  After all...

The food is the spreadiest
The wine is the headiest
The pals are the readiest
The gals are the steadiest
The love the liveliest
The life the loveliest
Way back Way back Way back home
(No place like home) Sweet home


  1. In Australia we don't do Thanksgiving...I guess Christmas provides more than enough opportunities to gorge ourselves. ;)

  2. well, we can come up with any excuse to eat like that, can't we?
    Christmas is an excuse to gorge on so many levels. :)


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