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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Who Turned One? The Pine Cone Teacup!

I was lucky enough to interview 5 great online sellers for my article, Celebrating ONE Year!, that were also proud, like me, to make it through their first year of business.  Heather, from The Pine Cone Tea Cup, is one of the hardworking sellers that was kind enough to share a some of her secrets to success. Here is what she said.

"I'm still shocked that a year has come up on me this fast. Seems like yesterday, and really, my shop has changed COMPLETELY since I opened it. It started out as a childrens clothing shop.
Embroidered LOVE Pillow
I think the biggest thing that has gotten me through this year, is that I haven't given up! It's hard when sales are slow, like they are now, but I just try to keep creating and trying different things to see what works! I really just make what I like, that way if I don't sell it, it will always have a home.

I'm celebrating this year by giving away a free gift with every purchase!!
As far as marketing, I'm still learning. I haven't found any kind of sale, be it free shipping, coupons, or a percentage off that helps. People just seem to buy when they're ready to.
Customized Heart Door Hangers or Placemarkers
I'm hoping this year to try and do more craft shows. I think people really like to buy hands on, and once they know your product, it's easier to sell, not to mention, word of mouth is EVERYTHING!! "

Heather is such a friendly and helpful person, it is no wonder that she is doing so well with her cozy shop. She is an avid supporter for Relay for Life, and this spurred a conversation we had about quiltmaking.

"The first quilt I made was for the Relay for Life that we do every year. I embroidered different color ribbons and on the inside of each, I embroidered the theme, date and amount of money that was raised for that year. That part in itself was a pain in the a$$, but then it was a kit, and all of the blocks were different sizes and had to be fit together to make the right size blocks...It was auctioned off and raised $200.00. I was amazed!
Square from the Relay for Life Quilt
This past year I did another, only sold the quilt squares and when they were bought, I embroidered the name and in memory or in honor of on it....I sold 20 squares (at $10 each) and the quilt auctioned for $300, so we raised $500.00 off the quilt alone, and then all of the donations that I received from shops on Facebook were auctioned, and I believe we raised another $200.00 from them! I've done several memory quilts with pictures, but I still think the relay quilts are my favorite It's really amazing to me how so many people came together to help out!!  I'll be starting another quilt and donation drive soon!!"

Heather and 'her little shadow' with the Relay for Life Quilt
It turns out, we share the same frustrations with quiltmaking, and she explained it beautifully: "As much as I swear and cuss when I'm making them, I adore them when they're done, and always say, never again....and then another idea... and I start another."

Please stop by The Pine Cone Tea Cup on Etsy to find your favorite cozy keepsake, and to keep up with all the specials, new items, and Relay for Life info go to The Pine Cone Tea Cup on Facebook.
Also check out The Pine Cone Tea Cup on Zibbet.

Here's to another successful year, Heather! Keep up the great work!


  1. Nice shop! Are you on zibbet, too?

  2. YES - she is on Zibbet

  3. Thank you Rebecca!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH!!!

  4. Great article! Love PineConeTeaCup!!!

  5. Wonderful interview and great shop.

  6. Excellent insight into the PineConeTeaCup business. Heather sounds like a truly remarkable person/shop-keep, and the pictures shown are just a glimpse into her generous nature. I'm off to take a peek at the shop on Zibbet!

  7. I have many items from The Pine Cone Tea Cup in my home....I love the pillows...and I just bought some candles...mmm..yummmeeee


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