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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The perfect way to say Thank you...and thanks to Portable Graffiti

I have been making Toekini's every chance I get lately.
This means that everytime the sun is out and I have Toekini's that need pictures taken, I call on my one and only model and partner in Toekini picture taking - my daughter. 
She has braved 30 degree weather outside, on cold stone, with no shoes or socks on to model the Toekini's, sometimes 5 pairs at a time. 
Silver Trio Toekini's

Other times, she has been the one outside with me modeling the Toekini's, braving the cold wind and taking the time to plan each shot, and get the best close up shots.
She takes better close-ups than me!
Ariel's Blue Bling Toekini
So, when I decided to check out Portable Graffiti's shop, after seeing her on the forums pluggin her mirrors, I thought that would be the perfect thank you for my daughter. She is 14, so always wondering how her hair looks, how her makeup looks, or needs to check her contacts, and other things like that. She didn't have a small mirror to travel with, for those times she needs to check and didn't want anyone to really know she was checking if she had food in her teeth.
There were so many great mirrors Judy had to choose from.  It took me quite a while to pick between the 2 small pink tiger striped ones with the great carry bags, and the larger mirrors with various animals on them. I think I mentioned before how my daughter is going through an animal print phase....

In the end, I finally decided to go with the one that seemed most appropriate.
We were braving cold weather, so the penguins were perfect. 
I received my order so fast, and was so pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of extra's in there too! The pengiun mirror was perfect, better than I expected. My daughter absolutely loved it, too. Who knew that her current 'favorite' was penguins? Lucky guess on my part. 

And Judy must have known what I was going through, becuase she included a small one for me, perfect reminder right there, to Keep Calm and Carry On. My mantra ever since. 

Also, a great 'What the Heck is Zibbet' pin I will proudly wear at my first craft show I plan on attending this spring, and a Portable Graffiti pin I will also sport to show where I got the pins and mirror, which I will also have on hand.
The Penguin mirror was a perfect thank you for my daughter. And I want to thank Judy for providing that, and let her know how  much I so appreciate the other things she so graciously included. Please stop by her shop to see all the great mirrors, buttons and stuff she has - you most certainly will find something you just have to have, and priced so well you will just have to hit the add to cart button and purchase right away. 

It can be a little thank you to yourself, because you know you deserve it.


  1. wonderful is that!!!! Kudos to your daughter and a big thanks for helping you share your talent with us! LOL Maybe you can also look into getting her some little foot warmers! I've not seen those yet, but I'm betting someone can figure it out!! :o) Love the buttons, by the way! I'm considering getting the mirrors done for some of the larger orders.

  2. Delightful post - I have wondered about photographing Toekini's in the winter in WNC!!!! and a wonderful tribute to Portable Graffiti - isn't this Zibbet an amazing place to be ~ so many wonderful, caring people with outstanding products!

  3. What a great subject for your blog. I don't think any of us realizes how much Judy does for us and how successfully she promotes Zibbet.

    We wouldn't have our wonderful Zibbet Facebook page without her. Now, I can't imagine not having that page as it is always such a pleasure to chat with like minded friends so easily.

    Thank you Judy with enormous hugs from all of us. Faye of Woodcot Designs and the Bauble Bin

  4. Hi! Dropping by to see what's going on in your world and lovin' the toekini's - your daughter is so sweet to model them in the winter. Those little mirrors are adorable, too.

  5. The mirrors are so cool - I haven't really looked pased Judy's fabulous way with graphics for my business cards, means more potential shopping experiences, how fab is that!


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