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Friday, February 25, 2011

Who Turned One? Grandmother's House

WOW - the week has completely snuck by me, and it's Friday already! Kinda like how the first year of a small business can fly by.....

Happy Birtday Bib
In my article, Celebrating One Year (part 2 link), on, I interviewed shop owners who passed the one year milestone and we learned some great things from them.

Grandmother Carolyn, proud owner of Grandmother's House, is a wonderful, energenic supporter of all of us who frequent the Zibbet Community, and Facebook chaos. 
I am proud that she has adopted me as her new, so far virtual, grandaughter.

Here is her full response to my Celebrating One Year questions.

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY - One year older and one year wiser, right? Well, maybe so.......

Sports Fans Everywhere pillow cases
Grandmother’s House was happy to “jump on the Zibbet wagon” - it seemed to be a good fit for a small home-based business, whose proprieter had limited (very limited!) computer-understanding. It has been a year of learning, growing, flexing muscles not to mention patience, persistence and positive attitude!

Scented Drawer Sachet

There is a certain genius behind Zibbet, because the over-all experience has been exciting, easy and effortless (well, almost!). I immediately loved the tools offered for setting up a shop, and during the course of the year have become intimately acquainted with Widgets, Currency Counters, and music to accent my shop. My latest creation involves scent and I’m hoping that this coming year there will be THAT option! Really, don’t you like to go into certain stores just for the Aroma Therapy?

Meet Ben, the BooBoo Buster

The MOST important part of this past year’s experience has been meeting the other Vendors - we are talkin’ talented, creative, knowledgeable, happy and caring people who are with you every step of the way! I, personally, tend to retreat to my workshop, disappear into the world of fabric, threads, yarn, needles, etc., and lose myself. When I come out of hibernation and drop by the Community, click on a forum, it is truly a pleasure to be back among the living, so to speak!

Bunting in Blue Camo

Sales this year? Slow - but I understand that so many people are without jobs, their homes are going on the auction blocks, that the economy has tanked and there is no money for some extras. Grandmother’s House has ALWAYS been affordable, because we believe that everyone should be able to purchase a special Baby Bunting or small embroidered garment for the little ones.

Super Baby embroidered picture

As we get into 2011, my expectations for Grandmother’s House and Grandmother Carolyn are HIGH - more computer challenges on the horizon, and I plan to meet them (and beat them!) all.

There will be more self-promotion, stronger marketing efforts - I would love to be able to get into a Military Base/PX with the camo Baby Buntings - after all, the traditional, old-fashioned Baby Bunting that started this whole adventure called
Aviator Camo Fanny Pak

Please visit Grandmother's House to see all the great creations, take part in the ONE Birthday Bib for ONE Dollar with ONE Dollar postage birthday celebration, and show your kids the special section just for them to shop for you! Help make the second year better than the first.


  1. Grandmother's House is a valuable and treasured addition to the Zibbet family. HUGS!♥

  2. Wonderful article! Thank you, Grandmother's House for caring and sharing! And Happy Z-versary!

  3. Some truly gorgeous things.
    Grandmother Carolyn was great showing me an afghan that had been passed down to her to give me a fantastic idea for all of my left over yarn :-)


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