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Monday, August 26, 2013

Music Monday! I Try

I Try. I try to be fashionable usually, be cool and roll with the punches, but what comes out is mostly soccer mom, middle age comfort clothes. Today, when hubby complained that it is a 'Macy Gray Day', (because he is freezing cold - story below) and I have a short sleeve shirt on with no jacket, I sometimes have to roll my eyes and silently mumble to myself. (By the way, it was in 65 degrees out when he said this. That is cold to him, a Caribbean Guy stuck in the middle of the US.) 

At least it brings back a great memory of why we call cool days Macy Gray Days. 
Macy Gray in a rockin' jacket.
Why do we call it Macy Gray Days? Because of this rocking funky cool jacket Macy Gray is wearing in this picture. 

Sounds crazy, so here is the story.

When we lived in the Caribbean, we once made a trip to Miami in January. We didn't bring any cold weather clothes, after all we were going to be in Miami where it is usually in the neighborhood of 80 degrees fahrenheit, plus we didn't pay attention to the weather forecast.

Well, THAT January, it was 40 degrees! During the day. I was FREEZING. We got off the plane and immediately started shopping for a coats of some kind. I believe I bought the first thing I saw because I was so cold, but I really did love it too. It was not even my style, but really that wasn't the point. We were in Miami, we were there for Art Miami, and we were there without the kids (a rare thing back in those days). We were going to eat at nice restaurants, maybe even go to a club? I stepped out of my 'soccer mom' comfort and bought this fabulous "Macy Gray Sweater Coat", very very similar to the one Macy Gray is wearing in that picture. Macy Gray had this song on the radio at the time. Her music has that great funky blues feel, and she dressed funky too. (wow that was 14 years ago!) 

I tried to step out of my normal world that weekend, to be that funky art type, even tho I dressed more like a soccer mom at the time. We were in Miami and away from the kids, so it was like we were in a whole other world. 

His funky cool boots.
He wears nothing else.
Why not be a more fun, funky artsy type who ate at fancy restaurants, saw high class art shows, strutted around the place with some style with my handsome hubby? (Who was also freezing, by the way.) He bought a very nice and funky blue suede suit jacket, and was wearing his normal funky different biker style goth boots. We entered a great fun world of no kids, fashion, and fabulous art. He even signed an autograph for someone who thought he was a rock star! (true story!) We played the part and had a ball!

My 14 year old (!) sweater coat
I still have the sweater, and still love it. I wear it every time the weather calls for a jacket, as long as it isn't too windy (it is after all a sweater). I wear it a lot, and I still get compliments on it.  It wasn't my style then, but became my style, and still is, 14 years later.

(But I didn't wear it today. It is reached 80 degrees today, sunny and the perfect short sleeve shirt temperature. )

I still try, try to dress cool, be that funky artist type. You are saying, "If you have to try, then you will never be that", and that has some truth. I do resort to that soccer mom comfort when I am home. Actually I resort to scrubby sweatpants and worn tees, and sometimes I actually do go to the store that way. But I DO own a Macy Gray Sweater, and I DO rock it, in my middle aged casually trying to be funky way. And now my kids appreciate that I do try, that I do take care of myself and my look. We still try to have fun, as a family these days, and they are not past playing a part as if we are in a different world as if we are different people, even if we are only at Walmart, going along with the fun, and living life. We haven't had to sign any autographs lately though. 

I love Macy Gray Days. They are days that remind me that I tried, and succeeded, to be comfortable in my style, whether that style is funky cool, or comfy sweats with a funky cool sweater coat. I loved it so much, it became my style, and I was rocking it no matter what. 

Do you have an article of clothing so unlike your normal style, that you love so much it became your normal style? 

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  1. Cool sweater! ANd I like that idea that you can become a style once you start wearing it:)


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