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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Raige Creations on is now open!

I am proud to announce that Raige Creations is now open on - see my new studio here.

Artfire is a another online marketplace that supports handmade, but there unique and innovative feature and functions make it feel like they REALLY want your business to succeed.  The features I like, so far, are that I have a 'studio', where you can see all things Raige: my shop listing all the items for sale (handmade AND Vintage), a blog, where I can share my creative musings, and a gallery where I can showcase items that have sold. In my bio, in addition to the usual blurbs about me, I can show photos of more personal things like pieces I loved to create that aren't for sale, or pieces that I just hate to part with.

Another features of I really like is that there is no account required to purchase on Artfire. You do not have to sign up and create a password. I think that may help some people I know have access to my online store - they do not want more accounts and passwords to remember.
Also, you can add items you like to your wish lists! I am a huge fan of Amazon wish lists - they help me get through Christmas every year. So this feature will work particularly well for me.

Picnic Pack c. 1950's

The first item in for sale at Raige Creations on Artfire is this Picnic Pack, from sometime in the 1950's. This is such a good idea - I am not sure why they didn't really take off. 

You can cook in them, stack them all up to keep the food safe and warm, and then take it with you wherever you need to go with lots of food.  
5 different pans to keep your
your food safe and warm.
It still has the lable on it that details all the great features of the picnic pack.  My favorite is the 'extra long, removable carrying bail doubles as hanging handle over campfire', and the picture of the campfire. I also like the artwork of the family, dressed in iconic 50's wear waving to those of us reading the lable. 
Great vintage lable with 50's artwork and copy.
I am still working on getting all the features in my studio completed.  But I was excited to get things started.  You won't find this Picnic Pack in either of my other stores, only here on Artfire.
I am taking this week to add more items, some things never seen before at Raige Creations and Vintage Raige.  It is exciting, and I am looking forward to learning more, and creating more, and enjoying the process with this great new site.

Let me know what you think!

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